Does Turkish Airlines require a COVID report if I fly from Pakistan?

Turkish Airlines has imposed some regulations for travelers flying from one of which is the COVID report. Every traveler must show their negative COVID report while onboarding and deplaning from their selected Turkish Airlines aircraft.

If your Turkish Airlines flight departure is from Pakistan and you need to know an apt answer to “does Turkish Airline require COVID test from Pakistan?”, refer to here.

Safety protocols at Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines has introduced several safety protocols to fight against the COVID-19 virus. Some of the important details have been mentioned below; take a look at the discussed points before booking a Turkish Airlines flight from Pakistan-

  1. If you are flying from Pakistan, you must bring a PCR test taken at least 72 hours before the flight’s scheduled timing.
  2. Turkish Airlines has approved some organizations, and you should take the PCR test only from these approved organizations, namely- Chugtai Lab, Shaukat Khanum Hospital, and Gerry’s.
  3. If you are traveling with children below the age group of 0-6 years from Pakistan, you are not required to bring their COVID reports.
  4. In case if you fail to present a PCR test report while boarding your flight, you might not be able to be admitted to the flight for the trip.
  5. If you have booked a connecting flight from Pakistan via Turkey, you are not required to present a COVID report unless it is made mandatory by the country’s ruling government.
  6. Apart from that, every traveler must wear a face mask from the moment they reach the airport until they reach their final destination.
  7. The airline does not allow you to wear a mask with holes or valves, which is why the airline prohibits the use of cloth masks, shawls, scarves, and face shields while boarding flights.
  8. Make sure that you carry an extra mask to maintain a sense of extra safety and security. You can take reference from the “Personal Mask and Hygiene Equipment” link given on the airline’s official Guidelines for Safe Travel page.
  9. Ensure that you have properly covered your mouth, nose, chin with a mask and have sanitized the hands before onboarding for your flight at Pakistan airport.
  10. You are further advised to keep a safe distance from the frequently touched surface to avoid catching the virus.

Do you still need to know does turkish airlines require a covid report if i fly from Pakistan? Well, try contacting the customer service team of Turkish Airlines available in Pakistan to get an instant helping hand with your safety-related concerns.

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