Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

Know about the cancellation policy of Etihad airways

Changes in travel plans are common and unexpected. Modifications in flight ticket might not be easy and cost heavy amounts but if Etihad Airways is chosen for flying, modifications are easy.

To book a flight ticket in Etihad airways, a passenger can either choose online or offline mode. After booking a ticket, if a passenger wishes to cancel the ticket, it can be easily done. The cancellation policy is different for offline and online cancellations. If a passenger contacts the support department or local offices for cancellation, then Etihad airways cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. If the passenger wants to cancel the ticket, it should be pre-informed so as to avoid cancellation fee and no show fee.
  2. For cancellations made within 96 hours of scheduled departure, there will be an additional charge of 10% to the cancellation amount.
  3. The cancellation fee is waived off if the passenger or any immediate family member passes away. For this condition, proper documents are required.
  4. The cancellation fee will be charged as per the fare rules of Etihad airways cancellation policy.

If the cancellation is being done online through Manage booking, then below mentioned are the important pointers in that case:

  1. The ticket should not be used by the passenger and should be refundable.
  2. The cancellation is only allowed if the ticket was purchased at least 5 days ago.
  3. If less than 2 hours are left for the departure, online cancellation is not allowed.
  4. The ticket which is being cancelled should be purchased using a single credit card.
  5. The passenger needs to ensure that the ticket has not been exchanged with any other passenger.
  6. The refund amount of cancellation is calculated by referring the fare rules of Etihad airways cancellation policy.
  7. The refund amount will be processed in the same credit card which was used for purchasing the ticket.
  8. The process of cancellation and refund in Etihad airways cannot be reversed if once initiated.
  9. The credit card refunds might take 14 to 30 working days to appear in the bank account.

For any other query or issue, the customer support of Etihad airways can be contacted.

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