How do i Cancel Flight in Delta Airlines?

Get Complete Information about Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy Before Canceling Flight Reservations

Delta Airlines one of the leading airlines not only of the United States but also the world. It provides you many amenities and features to deliver a hassle-free travel experience. The airline tries to offer you all the services that you can imagine to have while flying above the sky. From flight reservations to check-in, the airline lets you access all services online, you don't have to go anywhere to until you have to board the flight.

Apart from this, if you have booked a flight on Delta Airlines and now want to cancel it, you can do that through its website. But before you cancel a flight booking, you must know the Delta Airlines cancellation policy. So, to help you with the cancellation here are some important points that you should consider while canceling a flight booking.

What Is the Cancellation Policy of Delta Airlines?

  1. Delta Airlines lets you cancel your flight tickets when 24 hours due to the departure. And only flight booked through website or mobile can be canceled online. Flight tickets purchased from a travel agent, you need to contact the agency to cancel a booking.
  2. Also, when you cancel a flight ticket under 24 hours of its booking, you won't face any cancellation charges and may get a full refund.
  3. In addition, as per the Delta Airlines cancellation policy, if a flight ticket is purchased under seven days of the departure, the flight cancellation charges will be applicable, no matter the cancellation is made within 24 hours or not.
  4. Moreover, if you have booked refundable flight tickets only then you can get a refund. Non-refundable flight bookings will not get a refund on canceling a flight booking. However, in some cases, the passenger may be rewarded with travel points.
  5. The refund amount will be credited to your account through the same currency used for payment and in the same mode of transaction.
  6. Further, you are required to contact the bank or payment interface when you see any delay in getting a refund.

Cancel Your Flight Bookings on Delta Airlines Instantly Without Any Hassle

Once you consider the points mentioned above, you will be able to cancel your flight bookings without paying any extra charges. Just in case, you want to know more about the Delta Airlines cancellation policy or flight cancellation, you can contact the customer service team. The support team will provide you all the required information and also, will help you to cancel your flight on a single phone call.


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