How do I put a flight on hold?

Can you put an airline ticket on hold- Explore more

You are all set for your this year trip or let us say vacation. Your luggage is packed, your friend or family is all ready, tickets had been booked but due to some emergency, you need to reconsider the plan. Or you are planning for a trip but you are in doubt so you want to put the tickets on hold and still ponder about the plan a little bit more.

If the above mentioned is anyone of your case or if it is altogether something else then you might want to know the answer to the question “how do I put a flight on hold?” First and foremost you need to remember that not all the airline provides you with the perk of putting your flight on hold.

Reason and Necessary Steps

There are a plethora of reasons why an individual might want to hold his reservation. One of the most known reason is he or she is quite unsure about his plan or due to some personal reason he or she feels he might end up not going on the scheduled trip. If you are thinking “how do I put a flight on hold?”, then the following are some basic steps you can follow –

1) Run a web browser and using it go to the official website of the airline you are planning to book your ticket with.
2) Then under the booking or make reservations section fill in all the necessary details such as your current location and your destination, the date of your departure and also the date of your return, class of your eat, number of passengers, and the rest.
3) Once you are done with all of it then click on search flights.
4) From the numerous flights that appear on your screen pick one that is best suitable to you and click on continue.
5) Now you have to enter your personal detail in the provide space and all the details of all those who are traveling along with you.
6) Make a note of the fact that whatever detail you enter must be completely authentic or genuine.
7) Then click on the Next button and you will reach the payment page.
8) You can pay by using any of the online banking options. In case you have travel vouched of the airline then make sure that you make use of it.
9) Finally click on the review and pay button.
10) You will see a review of your ticket, scroll down and you will find an option of “Hold”.
11) Click on it and your reservations will be put on hold.


When an airline puts your reservation on hold it means that for a certain time period the airline will wait and no one else can buy that particular seat. But two things you need to remember while putting a seat on hold –

• Airline is under no obligation of holding the seat which is to say that if someone else is willing to pay for the reservation the airline will give it away.
• When someone else has made your reservation then it is not necessary that you will get any sort of notification regarding the same.
• You have only a limited time period for putting a hold on a reservation and once you cross the threshold, your reservation will be given away. Apart from this if you are still facing some sort of issue in “how do I put a flight on hold?”, then you can feel free to contact customer care and taking their assistance. They can let you know whether or not you can use the hold option or are there any seats available.  Apart from this they will also help you in putting a hold on certain reservations

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