How can I cancel my flight ticket

A comprehensive guide on how one can cancel their flight and claim a refund

Booking reservations in advance is the best option to grab the best fares. However, there are times when due to some unforeseen cause, one needs to cancel the booking. Thankfully, some airlines understand such a situation and offer travelers an option to cancel their booking and process a refund for the same.

So, for the passengers who are looking for details How can I cancel my flight ticket, they can check out the guidelines and quick procedures to confirm the ticket cancellation.

Guidelines For How can I cancel my flight ticket

Before heading on with the process to cancel booking, the passenger needs to go through the standard cancellation policy pointers that include:

  • As per the cancellation provisions of the airline, the passenger who cancels their reservation within one day of the purchase can avoid the cancellation fee.
  • However, for the cancellation made outside 24 hours of the ticket purchase, then the passenger might need to pay a cancellation fee depending on the fare type.
  • Besides, for the passengers who have booked a non-refundable reservation, the cancellation made within one day of the booking is either offered a full refund or a travel voucher.
  • However, the credit or voucher offered to the passenger needs to be redeemed within 90 days from the issue date.
  • Few fare types don't offer a cancellation option. So, in such situations, the passenger is suggested to contact the airline booking department.

Cancellation fee as per the cancellation period

  • The cancellation made within 3-6 days can incur a cancellation fee of 20 percent.
  • And for the cancellation made within two days of the departure may incur a 30 percent cancellation fee.

Procedure to cancel a flight ticket and claim a refund

Keeping the guidelines in mind, the passenger can proceed with the procedure on how can I cancel my flight ticket online discussed below and process a quick refund.

Steps to cancel booked reservations tickets

To make it easier for the passengers to cancel their reservation/booking, some airlines offer various modes of cancellation, but to help out the passengers, here is the online process that one can follow to cancel their booking.

  • Begin the steps by visiting the official airline website.
  • On the airline homepage, opt for the manage booking option.
  • Further, find the booking that needs to be cancelled and proceed with the process.
  • After finding the reservation, the passenger needs to cancel the booking and confirm the prompt.

Thus, with this, the query on How can I cancel my flight ticket is resolved. And for the passengers looking for details to process the refund, they can check out the details mentioned in this article.

How can one process a refund for their cancelled reservations?

For the passengers who have already cancelled the booking and are looking for information on How can I cancel my flight and get refund? They can check out the quick details mentioned below in this article.

After following the above cancellation guidelines and procedures, the passenger can submit the refund request against their cancelled booking either online or by reaching out to the reservation department of the airline.

Submitting online refund request for the cancelled booking

  • For filing a refund request, the passenger needs to visit the airline website.
  • Then, in the manage booking section, the passenger needs to retrieve the booking.
  • Further, the passenger needs to opt for the refund request option and continue with the process.
  • After that, the passenger needs to provide the required details and submit their refund request.
  • Once the request is submitted, the passenger can track their refund status.

Thus, this is the complete info on how the passenger can cancel their booking and process a quick refund for their reservations. Besides, many passengers have query are there any options to avoid a cancellation penalty. So, to help out the passengers, one can check out the tip discussed in this article below.

How to avoid cancellation penalty at the time of cancellation?

For the passengers who are looking the details on How can I cancel my flight without penalty, it is suggested that one should cancel their booking within 24 hours of the purchase of the flight ticket. However, one needs to ensure that their flight ticket was booked at least a week before the flight departure.

Besides, if the passenger has any issues regarding the cancellation or refund procedures, one can feel free to contact the airline customer service and manage their booking in time.

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