Can I carry on with the United Airlines Basic Economy?

Suppose you are traveling with United Airlines. The number of luggage is crossed. In that situation, you would like to know about the baggage policies. But before that, you should know what the basic economy is. Basic economy is a type of class in United Airlines in which the price of the seats is the lowest.

There are several limitations in the Basic Limitations in the Basic Economy class tickets, which of these are like baggage. Passengers on United Basic Economy Often doubt the carry-on luggage. If you are also in the same doubt, this article will help you.

Is it possible to bring a carry-on with a United Airlines basic economy?

Yes, It is possible to bring a carry-on with United Airlines Basic economy. But it is not directly possible. According to the baggage policies in United Airlines, Basic Economy passengers are not allowed to bring any baggage except one personal item such as a laptop, vanity bags, etc.

But if you want to carry extra carry-on baggage, you have to pay a charge of $25. You have to pay this as a gate handling charge plus the checked bag charge.

You will learn more about United airlines' baggage by reading the following points.

United Airlines Baggage policy:

For economy class: In the economy class of United Airlines, you can take the baggage as follows. 

  1. One personal item.
  2. One carry-on thing, although it depends on the subtype of economy class. 
  3. One checked baggage.
  4. You have to pay fees for the Sport equipment. 
  5. For more luggage, you have to pay the charges.
  6. The maximum Weight for baggage is 50 pounds.

For business class: For a business class in United Airlines, follow these rules,

  1. One personal item. 
  2. One carry-on bag. 
  3. Two checked baggage. 
  4. Free sports equipment. 
  5. The maximum Weight of baggage is limited to 70 pounds.

There are other baggage policies also, such as

  1. You can add oversized bags, but you have to pay the charges. 
  2. You can add overweight bags up to 100 pounds. 
  3. You can add musical instruments up to 165 pounds. 
  4. For childcare, you can take FDA-approved items with you on the flight. 
  5. You can take them on board for medical equipment, and you have to produce supportive documents. 
  6. For extra baggage, you have to pay $35 for the first, $45 for the second, and $125 for the third or more bags.

These were the policies for the baggage in United Airlines. Now you know whether you can add more or bring carry-on luggage. Visit their websites for more information.  


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