How can I change my flight date with Indigo?

A Comprehensive Guide to Change Flight Date On Indigo

Indigo provides you with easy and effective procedures to reschedule a flight online and offline, as per the traveler’s suitability. The best thing to consider about Indigo would be its flexible booking and management policies; a traveler can cancel and change their reservation with ease at Indigo.

Do not worry if you face any trouble continuing with your current itinerary, as you can change Indigo flight date without putting in so much effort. Also, the airline's customer service makes the process even easier with its constant support, so hurry up!

Methods of Flight Change at Indigo

Indigo understands that not every traveler is technology-friendly; that is why it has introduced two effective methods of reservation change- online and customer service. Read until you find out a method that suits you the best to reschedule an Indigo flight-

Online change procedure for Indigo Airlines

  1. To change your flight date with Indigo flight must required to open the official homepage of Indigo using your preferred search engine.
  2. You need to navigate and choose the Edit Booking option given on the menu bar or at the booking window.
  3. Insert the PNR or Booking Reference Number followed by Email or Passenger’s Last Name; once you enter the credentials, click on the Get Itinerary button.
  4. Next, choose the reservation you wish to change and proceed further by making the necessary changes.
  5. At Indigo, you can make route, destination, name, and date changes.
  6. Once you make the required changes, you need to choose a flight that suits your new itinerary and fits your pre-decided budget.
  7. Provide further details and perform further formalities to reschedule your booking at Indigo.
  8. If there are any applicable change charges or fare differences to pay, you need to complete the transaction to get the confirmation.
  9. After you complete the payment formalities, the airline sends you an invoice of the flight change and other details on the email address you registered.

Using the above steps, you can change Indigo flight date online without facing any troubles. Also, the Indigo customer service team has got your back if you cannot make reservation changes on your own.

Change Indigo Flight Date using Customer Service 

  1. Use the official Indigo customer service number to make changes to your reservation.
  2. Dial the Indigo customer service number and wait for the IVR instructions.
  3. Press number keys required to get you through the reservation change personnel.
  4. Once you get someone to answer from the other side, make them understand your situation.
  5. The executives might want the ticket’s reference number and the passenger’s details; make sure that you are clearer with your tone.
  6. Let the agents process the change, tell them your flight preferences and wait for the confirmation.
  7. If there are any payable penalties, pay them, and you receive the flight change confirmation link in your email.
  8. There, you can also find out the details of your itinerary efficiently.

How can I change my flight date with Indigo or you can change Indigo flight conveniently by opting for any of the mentioned methods. You can also visit the physical airport of the airline to bring the necessary changes to your reservation. But, it is advisable to maintain social distancing and avoid any unnecessary outings in this time of the pandemic.


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