How can I Change my Flight on Ethiopian Airlines

Flight Change Process and Cost Incurred on the Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines is solely owned by the government of Ethiopia and operates direct flights to all parts of the world and you can book flights at any time of the year. And other than the flight reservation process, you can even change the bookings if you want and then modify the reservations as you need.

Tips to Change the Flight Reservations in the Ethiopian Airlines:

Not all confirmed flight bookings are made to board because a lot of people make changes in their flight reservations before they really decide to board the flight. And if you want to do the Ethiopian Airlines change flight or how can I change my flight on Ethiopian Airlines then you can reach out to the following tips.

How do I Change my Flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

The Online Process to Change the Flight:

  1. To change the bookings of Ethiopian Airlines, first of all, go to the website of the airline and then tap on the manage booking tab.
  2. Under the "Manage Booking" tab or my trips section, enter the booking number to fetch the remaining flight details.
  3. On the page where all the flight details load, here you can actually pick the change booking link and then follow the instructions to make the changes in the flight reservations, and then you will be done.

You Can Also Change Your Flight by Calling or Emailing:

For changing the flight reservations, you can even approach the customer service representative and then call on the number and request to make the required changes in the flight reservations. If there is any Ethiopian Airlines change flight penalty then you can pay it off and then confirm the changes.

On the Ticket Counter:

You can even check on the ticket counter of the airline and then request the airline to make the changes in the flight reservations.

Know the Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy:

  1. To change the bookings in Ethiopian Airlines, you will be allowed to make the changes only once. You can change the date, destination; rectify spelling mistakes, or same-day changes.
  2. As per change flight policy of Ethiopian, you must change your flight 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.For all types of changes in the flight reservations within the 24 hours of the flight reservations, you can do free of charge.
  3. In case the new booking cost more than the previous booking then you also have to pay the fare difference plus the charges on the changes, or else the bookings will not be confirmed.
  4. Next, if the flight is non-refundable then you won’t be allowed to make any type of changes to the flight.
  5. For the spelling correction, you can only correct the spelling but can’t change the name. For making any changes in the name, you need proper and formal documents plus permission.

How Much Does It Cost to Change a Flight on Ethiopian Airlines?

Know the Cost of Making Changes in the Flight of Ethiopian Airlines:

While changing the flight reservations of Ethiopian Airlines, there is Ethiopian Airlines change flight fee plus the cost incurred on the flight reservations that you have to pay while making the changes. The list of charge implied on the airline booking is as follows:

  1. If you had made reservations within the geographical boundaries of Ethiopian Airlines then you have to pay the price of 10 dollars.
  2. Similarly, if you are making changes in the bookings on the route of the North American then you have to pay the price of 200 dollars.
  3. For making changes in the flights of Ethiopian Airlines on other routes, you have to pay the price of 100 dollars.

Get More Help Change a Flight on Ethiopian Airlines:

In case you are still not clear with the Ethiopian Airlines change policy then you can even follow different ways to change the Ethiopian Airlines tickets. These methods can be online or offline. In offline method visit Eva air official site then make possible changes from the “Manage booking” section and people can also send message to customer support team. For offline method, you can contact via toll free number at 1 (800) 445-2733.

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