How can I change ticket name on Air Canada?

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To err is human and we encounter with this line in everyday life and we make mistakes from day to day life. Besides, some mistakes are easy to rectify on the other hand some becomes a headache. Moreover, if you are facing trouble by a minor mistake you have made with the Air Canada booking and looking for help to sort it out. Then you should not worry about it as this article has made your task easier by providing a step by step manual to change the ticket name on your Air Canada flight.

Change Ticket Name on Air Canada:

Air Canada Change Ticket Name Process-

  • First and foremost, you need to go to the Air Canada website.
  • Now choose 'Manage Reservation' section tab.
  • Now enter the six-digit reference code as well as the last name.
  • Further, find Name correction tab and change your name.
  • You can also request to support team via phone 1 (888) 247-2262 to change first or last name.

In this way, you will be able to get rid of the issue and would not require to search for how to change ticket name on Air Canada. Since these steps are simple to perform hence would not trouble you in execution. Yet you find it difficult to execute the changes you may contact the Air Canada customer service team. As Air Canada also offers a reliable customer service team who works around the clock to resolve each and every issue that you are facing with Air Canada services.

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Q- Can I change passenger names on Air Canada?

Yes anyone can change first or last name on Air Canada flight ticket. Some of the important points that must be followed to change the name on air Canada tickets are:

1)You can modify the ticket name on Air Canada within 24 hours of reservation for free of cost.

Otherwise, the airline is liable to charge you a fee for flight modification.

2)Name changes due to marriage or divorce are eligible for modifications.

3)In case of spelling mistakes, you are only permitted to alter up to three characters.

4) To change the name, passengers must provide supporting documents to the airline.



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customer review
Ma. Cristina M Babila 5
Pls change my ticket name, some mistakes only Cristina Babila instead Ma.Cristina Montanez Babila. My correct Name: Ma. Cristina Montanez Babila
customer review
Ma. Cristina Montanez Babila 5
Pls change my name in flight ticket iterenary: mistakes.. Booking Refference : UKBN87 Ticket number 0142131002819 Seats CX479 - AC008 25H AC122 34H my name: Ma. Cristina Montanez Babila Many Thanks, aircanada
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