How can I file a Complaint at Air Canada?

Known as Canada's most significant flight and flag-bearer airline, Air Canada strives to provide the ultimate travel experience to travelers. The airline has installed several booking and contact options available online on their official websites to cater to the commitments. Not only that, but if you face any trouble anytime throughout your journey, you can rely upon the 24*7 available customer service staff members.

Here can enlighten you to answer the most genuine problem that every traveler faces at least once en route to their destination- how can I file a complaint at Air Canada .  By leveraging you with several effective contact options to choose from!

Steps to initiate a complaint at Air Canada

The customer service team of Air Canada is very professional and is brewing unique solutions to solve even the most considerable difficulties. Getting a hold of someone at Air Canada is not a crucial task to think of, follow some easy steps, and you are good to go:

  1. Get to the official website of Air Canada using your search engine.
  2. You can find the Customer Support section; choose the Contact Information link shown there.
  3. The airline redirects you to a new page where you can find the Customer Support information of the airline.
  4. Next,to complaint to Air Canada you need to select the appropriate contact method to get a person at Air Canada.
  5. You can get assistance from a professional at Air Canada in real-time by using the given steps.
  6. The Air Canada customer service is very agile and endowed with professional staff members to help you effectively.

Effective methods to contact

Are you feeling stuck with- how can I file a complaint at Air Canada, well do not worry anymore! The airline has several contact methods to file your complaint and get an instant solution to the problem you are facing. Choose any of the mentioned methods to receive more apparent assistance:

File a complaint to Air Canada by calling:

  1. To make complaint to Air Canada, on the contact page, you will get the contact numbers of officials.

  2. After dial official contact number 1 (888) 247-2262 , you can reach to customer service relations officers.

  3. Here, you can discuss your queries and registered complaint.

File a complaint to Air Canada on email:

  1. Air Canada Airlines privileges its travelers to file a complaint using their email address.
  2. Go to the given email link and submit your travel-related concerns, suggestions, or queries.

File a complaint to Air Canada using the Live Chat option:

  1. The live chat option on Air Canada helps you get quick assistance with your problems.
  2. Select the live chat icon given on the contact page, enter your complaint.
  3. Send it to get instant help from a live person of Air Canada.

File a complaint to Air Canada by choosing a topic

  1. A traveler can get assistance by choosing their relatable topic of concern from the drop-down menu and clicking the Go button.
  2. Next, you can get contact information related to the selected topic. 
  3. Choose any contact as mentioned earlier options, and you can receive the best possible queries you might be facing during your journey. 

Services you can get at Air Canada

Air Canada makes sure that you experience a smooth and untroubled flight to cover the distance until your destination. The airline is always ready to hear your queries and provide prompt assistance with the trouble you might face before, during, or after you travel by Air Canada. You can take file complaints regarding:

  1. Missing bags
  2. Receipt requests
  3. Refund services
  4. Cancelation of booking
  5. Lost and found items
  6. eCoupons and eVouchers
  7. Customer service plan

Though you can always contact Air Canada to get any of your queries resolved, for the travelers who do not know how do I complain to Air Canada, here can benefit you big time! Choose an apt contact option and ask your queries away efficiently!


It is best to email or write to the Air Canda consumer office to escalate an issue. Travelers can also dial 1 (888) 247-2262 and registered complaint over the phone. They can also do chat on official chat bot.



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