How can I get a free upgrades on Air Canada?

If you have recently booked a flight with Air Canada and you have to fly in some days, but due to some reasons, you are looking to upgrade your seats to a higher class, and you don’t have any idea how you can upgrade your seats in Air Canada. Then don’t be tense because Air Canada provides their passengers with free upgrades, but you must also go through their policies, so you must be aware of all the information to get the free upgrade. You have to go through the steps of upgrading your flight ticket, but before that, you must know how the upgrading system works in Air Canada and how many types of upgrades are available in the airline.

What are the different types of upgrades in Air Canada?

Eupgrades: eUpgrade is the easiest way for the airlines to upgrade as for this method, you only need credit points issued by Air Canada or its subsidiaries like Air Canada Rouge itinerary and Air Canada express. 

Star Alliance award program:  under the star miles program, one can upgrade their flight Air Canada or Air Canada express seat with the help of other airline miles points which are affiliated with this program. 

Air Canada bid upgrade: under this method, the passengers can bid to get their desired seats on the flights of Air Canada express, air Canada and Air Canada rouge itinerary. 

Last-minute upgrade: Under this type of upgrade, travelers can elevate the status of their seats at the airport check-in counter or at the kiosk tower. However, this method totally depends on the availability of the seat.

Seat upgrade policy of Air Canada

Now that you are aware of all the types of upgrades. It is important to have knowledge about the seat upgradation policy of the airline’s upgrade, which is as given below:

  1. If you are a frequent flyer of the Air Canada, then sometimes the airline may consider free upgrades.
  2. If you are a privileged club member of the airline, then in such a case, you don’t have to pay any charges to the airline.   
  3.  If you have made your booking by any travel agency or third party, in such a case, the airline will not allow you to make any changes through them. You can contact the same source for the upgrade. 
  4. If the price increases after the upgrade, you have to pay the difference between the previous and new seats.
  5. Upgrading your seats totally depends on the availability of seats on that particular flight. If the flight is full or the seats are vacant in the higher class, you have to look for the ticket to another date or travel in the same class.

With the help of the above information, you may get a free upgrade. In any case, do you need more information about How can I get a free upgrade on Air Canada? Then you contact the customer support of the airlines via various channels like live chat and telephonic assistance 24 hours a day. 

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