How can I reschedule my Air India Flight Ticket?

Are you pondering over how to reschedule your Air India flight bookings? You have come to the exact right place. We are about to share flight reschedule information so that people are able to easily make the desired changes to the flight itinerary as far as their Air India flight bookings are concerned.

One can reach out to the customer service representatives at Air India to get proper information related to flight rescheduling. Also if you are unable to reschedule your flight bookings online you can do it offline by speaking to someone at Air India. The customer service professionals are readily available online and offline via multiple contact options and methods available to get in touch with the customer support team at Air India.

How can I reschedule my flight bookings at Air INDIA?

  1. Passengers are able to Reschedule an Air India flight ticket by following the below-mentioned online step-by-step guide. Flight reschedules options are easily available online at
  2. People need to visit the official Air India website in order to initiate the flight reschedule process for their Air India flight booking.  Visit
  3. Access the ‘Manage booking’ option on the homepage to access your flight booking at Air India. 
  4. People need to enter the required information on the page so that they are able to access the flight bookings that they wish to change or reschedule. 
  5. Mention your flight reservation ID or ticket confirmation number along with personal information such as your last name and hit the submit option. 
  6. Next, people can locate their flight reservations and must select the one they wish to change. Select the change flight option on the page and you will be able to see another list of options on your screen. 
  7. Select the ‘reschedule flight’ option from the drop-down menu on the page. 
  8. Commence the required changes by selecting dates from the available options from the menu. 
  9. Reschedule your flight bookings completely by proceeding with the payments on the payment page if applicable. 
  10. Receive notification from Air India via email on your registered email address used at the time of initial booking at Air India.

Can I contact the Air India customer department for flight rescheduling?

Passengers who are unable to proceed with the online flight reschedule option for their bookings can communicate with the customer service department at the airline for making the desired changes to their flight reservations.

  1. One can find multiple contact options available on the website to reschedule their flight bookings. You can communicate with the customer service department by dialing the customer service helpline. Follow the below-mentioned steps for communicating with the customer service executive at Air India for help.
  2. Locate the contact us option on the page in order to access the contact details for getting help as far as flight rescheduling is concerned. 
  3. Find the helpline number and dial it to get instant support from the customer service department at Air India. 
  4. A professional from the customer service team will join the call after a short while and you can then discuss all your doubts and queries with the professional on the call.
  5. Next, people are able to communicate with the customer service department at the airline by selecting an appropriate prompt from the list of options presented by the voice menu. 
  6. This will allow passengers to have dedicated support as far as the flight reschedule option is concerned.

Moreover, people can also get help from a live person at Air India for Air India flight reschedule options. You can communicate with the customer service live person for help so that all your doubts and queries concerning flight rescheduling are thoroughly addressed by the concerned department.


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