How can I reschedule my American Airlines Flight

How to reschedule my American airlines flight?

American airlines are the best serving flight in Texas. It is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. This airline is the world’s largest airline when it’s measured by its fleet size that is around 858. American airlines operate in extensive international & domestic networks with almost 350 destinations & in more than 50 countries.

First Method:

So if you are looking for how can I reschedule my American airlines flight, then here are a few of the steps that will help you to get your flight rescheduled;

  • In, the beginning you have to open the Google app on your phone or on your PC
  • Then from there in the URL tab you will type the name of the airline
  • Then a list of links will be opened on your phone or on your PC
  • Then in the first to three links you will get the official website of the airline
  • Then by clicking on the link you will be directed to the page, where you will see how to book flights & other options too
  • Then for rescheduling of your flight, you simply have to log in to the airline's website
  • For that you will have to click on the login button on the right top corner of the page
  • For login you have to provide your username, last name, & password for login
  • Then after you get logged in, then on the left side of the page you have to click on the bar where you find a list of options
  • In that you will see my bookings, by clicking on that option
  • You will be directed to the page where all the details of the passenger booking will show up
  • There you will find options of canceling & flight modification of your ticket
  • By clicking one of the options, you will get to know the process of that option
  • For rescheduling of flight you simply have to change your date of travel or destination you want to change
  • And by submitting your changes it might ask for extra payment according to your flight changes, a payment option will also be there
  • Then you will have to pay the amount with the help of your debit/credit card
  • After payment you will have to check all the details & changes that have been done by visiting my booking
  • Whereby providing PNR number & last name you will see your booking detailsAnd you can recheck all of your details.

So, this is the way through which one can reschedule his/her flight ticket with American airlines.

Passengers who look for rescheduling or how can I reschedule my American airlines flight face some kind of issues while they get their tickets online or through message or mail. So, these are some points that have to be kept in mind while or after booking a flight;

  • The name mentioned on the ticket of the passenger might be wrong
  • The date could be wrong on the ticket
  • Problem could be with seat given, & the seat booked by the passenger

So these are few issues that might be faced by the passenger & many more problems could be faced by the passengers online & offline with the airlines.

Second Method:

Can you reschedule an American Airlines Flight

However, if you want to know more about the information related to rescheduling then you can call the customer care support team, who will guide you with the best ways like a live chat person, or put your query in the airline's chatbox. And also the representative will guide you, that how can you reschedule an American Airlines flight, with easy steps. And, their services are available 24*7, to help you out from your queries with specific & with relevant points.


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