How can I change my Qantas flight?

How Can You Change Flight with Qantas Airlines?

Sudden changes in a travel plan whenever you fly via air is not a big deal as it affects plenty of things especially when you travel via air. The only option that remains in front of every passenger is flight changing that almost every airlines provide to its passengers and Qantas Airlines is one among those. If you booked a flight ticket with Qantas Airlines, then you can easily change your flight ticket as per the Qantas change flight policy that’s important to know before you change your flight that can help you to understand the flight change rules. If you don’t know about the policy and flight change fee for Qantas Airlines, then you should follow the mentioned instructions.

What is Qantas change flight policy?

  1. You are permitted to change your flight within 24 hours from the scheduled departure of the flight.
  2. You are free to change your Qantas flight if the request for flight change has been made within 24 hours of booking.
  3. If you change a flight after 24 hours of booking, then some flight change fee is applicable as per the change flight policy.
  4. For the delayed flights, you are also allowed to change your flight even without paying a flight change fee.

By following the above-given Qantas Change flight policy, you can very easily change the flight ticket that you booked with Qantas Airlines. You can smoothly make flight change request online with the help of mentioned instructions.

How can I change my Qantas flight?

Want to change your recently booked flight on Qantas Airlines? Then you can change it through multiple ways and if you are confused about how can I change my Qantas flight, then you can follow the below steps to change your flight ticket online:

  • First of all, you are required to visit the official website of Qantas Airlines from your favourite browser.
  • You need to find the Manage Booking option and then click on it.
  • You can type the booking number and last name into the given field.
  • Now you can click on the Continue tab to find the booking.
  • After that, you can select a booking that you want to change. You must be required to check whether you are getting the flight change option or not.
  • Click on the Change flight option and then select a flight as per your preferred date.
  • Now check if you need to pay the flight change fee if applicable otherwise follow the on-screen instructions to change your flight.
  • How much does it cost to change a flight with Qantas?
  • Flight change is not a big issue as one can change their Qantas flight in a very simple manner and if you are changing your flight, then you should know about the Qantas flight change fee that can help you to save a huge amount on the flight change.

Flight change fee of Qantas Airlines

  • You are completely free to change your flight if you change a Qantas flight within 24 hours of booking.
  • You will be charged $60 as a Qantas flight change fee if you change a flight after 24 hours of booking and the charges of flight change depend on the type of your ticket.
  • If your Qantas flight is delayed or rescheduled by more than 3 hours, then you can change a flight without paying a flight change fee.

How can you change Qantas flight for free?

Here are the ways to avoid fees for flight change or you can change Qantas flight booking without paying fee:

1. Cancel or Change your booked ticket within 24 hours of purchasing and you should get off fee-free.2. Buy a flexible fare ticket or opt for the add-on
3. Make Changes for booked flight ticket on the same day if you can

You will be able to know how can I change my Qantas flight or not even after following the above-given instructions. If you still need any kind of assistance related to the flight change policy or fee, then you should contact the customer service team of Qantas Airlines which is always present to provide the assistance.

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