By App, Phone, Mailbox-How do I get Delta tickets on my phone?

Many travelers prefer to travel via Delta Airlines due to its services. There are many passengers who, after making a flight reservation, look for ways to get their ticket on their phones. If you are also searching "How do I get Delta tickets on my phone?" then you can go through the details given in the following section. They can also contact Delta customer care services to get their ticket information.

Ways to get Delta Tickets on Phone

People can get online ticket using following methods such as:

  • Use the online process to get your Delta ticket
  • Use the mobile application to get your ticket
  • Check your credit card or billing details
  • Check the mailbox of your phone

The online process to get a Delta ticket on the phone:

Customers who have flight confirmation numbers with them can use the online steps given below to get Delta Airline ticket on their phone:

  • To get ticket on your phone, go to the official web page of Delta Airlines.
  • Go to the “My trips” section.
  • Enter the flight confirmation number that you have and the passenger's name, followed by clicking the red arrow key.
  • Once you get your travel itineraries, you need to click on the download ticket option.
  • You can also capture a screenshot of your ticket and save it to your phone gallery for future reference. 
  • Your Delta ticket will be used for check-in purposes and also at the time of airport screening. 

Different alternatives to get Delta tickets on your phone:

Check the mailbox of your phone: Whenever any customer makes a flight booking, he is usually sent a flight ticket to his registered email address. So if your email is linked with the airline, then you can check all the folders of your mailbox to find your ticket. Sometimes emails get in the spam folder; therefore, you must search all the folders carefully. 

Use the mobile application to get your ticket: Another method to get a ticket is by using an official airline application. Customers can navigate to the “manage booking” section to discover their booking itineraries and download their tickets. They must not forget to sign into their existing account to get their tickets. 

Check your credit card or billing details: Those customers who have made online payments for flight purchases can easily get flight booking numbers by checking their billing details. Once they receive the information, they can use it to get their ticket. 

Conclusion: Customers can use the procedure described above to get their Delta ticket on their phones. They must always note that if they made a reservation by a third party, that is, through a travel agent, then they can contact them directly and obtain their tickets. 


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