How do I activate my Indigo credit card?

What is Indigo Credit Card and How do I Activate It

An easy guide to help you activate your Indigo credit card!

Indigo provides easy to go services to its travelers, and its credit cards are one of the most convenient facilities. Once you activate the Indigo credit card, the airline leverages you with several effective offers and deals to help you lead a seamless journey to your preferred destination.

Here can help you find out the answer to “how do I activate Indigo credit card?” and here you can get a list of effective steps to activate your credit card.

Steps to follow if you need to activate the Indigo credit card

Before you proceed further and activate your available Indigo credit card, you must have some general clue about the Indigo credit card. Well, Indigo credit cards are introduced to make your flight booking process convenient, faster, and secure. So, once you get a hold of Indigo credit card, you need to choose a method to activate it-

1. Online

Many Indigo guests find the activation by visiting the Indigo’s credit card website more convenient. The following steps are involved if you want to activate the credit card online-

  1. Use a preferred web browser and visit the MyIndigoCard website.
  2. You need to enter the passenger’s username and password; click on the Login button.
  3. Next, provide the card details followed by the account number and the card’s expiration date.
  4. Pick a Personal Identification Number for your credit card. You need to pick a PIN that you can easily remember as this PIN helps you make payments.
  5. Now, insert personal information, including the date of birth and social security number.
  6. Comply with other instructions and provide asked details as clearly as possible.
  7. Lastly, click on the “Activate” to effectively initiate the Indigo credit card.
  8. These steps can be used to activate the Indigo credit card online but do not worry if you face some issues. Indigo allows you to activate the card using your phone as well.

2. Phone 

You need to understand the answer to “what is Indigo credit card?” very clearly before you go online and purchase it. The airline allows you to proceed with the credit card activation using your mobile device if you face glitches doing it online. Follow the given steps to activate your credit card using your phone-

  1. To activate care firstly, dial Indigo's customer service assistance number.
  2. An Interactive Voice Response greets you from the other end, and you need to comply with the instructions as prompted by the IVR to activate the credit card.
  3. Select an apt option and comply with the card activation prompts.
  4. Also, you can get the option to reach the customer service agents of Indigo directly.
  5. Provide important details about the credit card to the agent.
  6. The agent activates the credit card for you by processing the other formalities on your behalf.

To activate your credit card efficiently, you can choose any of the mentioned methods- online or mobile device. Hopefully, you are enlightened with an appropriate answer for your question- how do I activate Indigo credit card? So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, activate your Indigo credit card, book a ticket and fly to your preferred destination.


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