How do I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines?

Easy Guide About Flight Cancelations at Ethiopian Airlines!

Ethiopian Airlines is popularly known for the amazing booking experiences for its travelers. You can find several benefitting cancelation and refund policies tailored by Ethiopian Airlines for the passengers who face inconveniences in continuing the journey.

What if you get extra useful information, and how do I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines? Yes, you read that right! Here, you get all the relevant information that you must know before you cancel your reservation with Ethiopian Airlines; dive in!

General Cancelation Policy of Ethiopian Airlines 

Check out some of the basic cancelation policies as put forth by Ethiopian Airlines:

  1. You must proceed with the Ethiopian Airlines cancelation procedures using the same means you booked the ticket; so, if you booked your ticket from a third-party consolidator, contact them to cancel the reservation as well.
  2. The airline marks you a no-show if you do not cancel the reservation within the set time limit, and it can also affect the refund money.
  3. If you look forward to canceling the flight, you must know that the refund depends on the fare condition applied while you booked the ticket.

If you cancel your flight in the hope of a refund, it takes around seven working days to receive a refund; but it might take extra days to process the refund if you purchased the ticket using a payment method other than a credit card.

The 24 Hours Cancelation Policy of Ethiopian Airlines

To help you skip the cancelation charges, the airline has introduced the golden 24 hours policy as stated below:

  1. As per the Ethiopian Airlines 24 hours cancelation policy, you can skip paying the cancelation charges if you complete the formalities within a day of the ticket’s original purchase.
  2. Also, if you cancel your reservation within 24 hours of its purchase, you are more likely to get a full refund for cancelation.
  3. The 24 hours cancelation policy stays effective for both types of reservations: refundable and non-refundable.

Stop wasting your time contemplating how do I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines? The upcoming section can enlighten you with some efficient methods and steps of flight cancelation at Ethiopian airlines. So, keep in mind the cancelation policy and proceed with the cancelation in real-time!.

How can you cancel your Ethiopian Airlines reservation?

Ethiopian Airlines understands that depending on one cancelation method can be chaotic and nearly impossible. That is why the airline has introduced several efficient reservation cancelation methods; some of which are discussed below:

Cancel Flight using Ethiopian Airlines Website

Follow the given steps if you want to cancel your Ethiopian reservation online-

  1. To cancel Ethiopian flight ticket land on the official Ethiopian Airlines website and log into your account.
  2. Navigate the Manage Booking tab and enter the ticket reference number followed by your last name to find your reservation.
  3. Click on the Ethiopian Airlines flight cancelation link and complete the flight cancelation formalities as prompted on the screen.
  4. Agree to the cancelation terms and conditions as put forth by Ethiopian Airlines and then provide the reason for flight cancelation.
  5. If there are any cancelation charges, pay them using a payment method of your choice and wait until the transaction gets completed.
  6. Lastly, the airline sends you the cancelation invoice at the registered email address.
  7. Using the Customer Service to cancel Ethiopian Flight Ticket
  8. You can use the Ethiopian Airlines customer service if you wish to cancel your reservation without facing any troubles:
  9. To proceed with the cancelation, you need to dial the customer service number of Ethiopian Airlines first. 
  10. Follow the instructions and press the required number keys to reach the reservation center of Ethiopian Airlines.
  11. Once an agent answers the call, provide them with your ticket details and ask them politely to complete the formalities.
  12. The agents might require some additional information to process the cancelation; if there are any cancelation charges, you need to fill out and submit a payment form that the agents send you online.
  13. Let the executives perform the further procedure and wait until you receive a confirmation email from them!

So, use any of the mentioned methods, and you can cancel your reservation with Ethiopian Airlines in real-time. However, you can also use the Ethiopian Airlines physical ticket counter to cancel the reservation; suit yourself!

How much are the cancelation charges at Ethiopian Airlines?

Getting a clear idea about cancelation charges can also be crucial after knowing how do I cancel my flight with Ethiopian Airlines? So, if you look forward to canceling your Ethiopian Airlines reservation, you must know that you need to pay charges if you cancel after the grace period. The cancelation charges at Ethiopian Airlines range between $100 to 500 depending on the fare type you choose and the length of your journey.


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