How do I cancel my Jeju flight?

Jeju Flight Cancellation Policy

So many times when the passenger doesn't want to go with the flight, or if the situation does not allow the passenger to go anywhere, then the last option which the passenger chooses is canceling the flight. Canceling of flight these days is very helpful for the passenger with the help of this the passenger can cancel their flight and book a flight according to their journey. Jeju airlines also have these features in the bookings. They allow their passenger to cancel the flight whenever they want to.

Cancelation policies: With the help of these Jeju policies, the passenger will know whether they will be eligible to get the refund. If they are eligible, then what amount they will get. These Policies also help the passenger get the knowledge of deduction. That how much fee that the airlines will deduct in cancel of tickets.

Policies of cancelation flight in Jeju airlines are mentioned below.

  1. If the passenger cancels their Jeju flight within 24 hours of booking, they will not pay any charges to the airlines.
  2. The passenger wants to cancel the flight before seven days of a booking, then the passenger must pay some amount.
  3. The passenger books the flight through the official website of Jeju airlines and want to cancel the flight before seven days of departure; then, they will not have to pay any amount of fee.They can also call to Jeju customer service phone number 1599-1500 (09:00 ~ 19:00) or 1-802-909-3040 (OTA) for getting help on how to get full refund etc.
  4. If the passenger canceled the flight and booked the new flight immediately, they will have to pay some fee.
  5. If the Jeju airlines are delayed three or more than three hours, then the passenger can cancel their flight without any deduction.
  6. With the help of the statements mentioned above, the passenger will know the cancellation policies of the Jeju airlines.

Cancel the flight at Jeju airlines

  1. You can make your flight cancellation request online at Jeju Airlines with the help of the below steps:
  2. At first, the passenger has to visit the airlines' official website in the preferred web browser.  
  3. In the following, the passenger has to click to manage booking, which is in the right corner of the page.
  4. Now the new page is open in which the passenger has to fill in the details of the passenger's last name and the reference number of the passenger.
  5. After that, the passenger has to fill in the details like flight number, date of flight, and flight timings in the given space.
  6. Next, the passenger has to select the flight and click the option of submitting.
  7. Now the new page is open in which the passenger has to fill in the reason for canceling the flight.
  8. After this, the passenger will get the confirmation message on the registered email id and a contact number.  

With the help of above mentioned, the passenger can solve their query like  how do i cancel my Jeju flight? Suppose the passenger finds any difficulty in doing that. In that case, they can go to the Jeju airlines' official website and contact the airlines' official representative. You can choose any suitable way to contact with the representative. 



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