How do I change my flight date with Turkish Airlines?

Turkish is the largest mainline carrier in the world headquartered in Istanbul. It schedules the maximum number of departures as compare to the other airline. It covers more than 300 destinations including Asia and Europe.

However, passengers always look for the facilities first. Turkish offers the best services and let their users manage booking online. Numerous times person looks for how do I change my flight date with Turkish Airlines? If you want to change the date, then we have discussed the whole procedure below. You can follow the steps.

Steps To Change Flights Date With Turkish Airlines

There are certain steps that are easy to direct and the best part is that it can be possible online.

  1. Visit the official site of the Turkish Airlines
  2. Go to the home page of the airline
  3. Now, there are different options, like manage booking, and flight search or booking option 
  4. If possible you can sign in to your account. It will make the process faster and easy to direct
  5. Click on the Manage Booking icon and provide the basic information, like

A.) Ticket number

B.) Reservation code

C.) Passenger’s surname

  • You can get the ticket number online. If you fail to find it, then follow the below-mentioned steps

A.) Go to the registered email id

B.) Open the mail section

C.) You can search for the flight ticket number

Now, open the ticket, and at the top of the ticket, you can get the ticket number

  1. Once you log in to your account, then go to the booking
  2. You may have to provide the information again. Here, you can see the different booking or booking history
  3. You have to select the booking in which you want to alter the date
  4. Once you select the flight, then move to the next page and go with the change flight date option
  5. Select the date you want to change with. Now, you can see the flights on that date
  6. Though, you may have to bear some charges or fee to change the flights date

Now, you must get the answer of how to change my flight date with Turkish Airlines.Now, you might have different trips, like

  1. Round trip
  2. Multicity city trip

You cannot similarly change the date. There are certain different steps

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Turkish flight/airlines
  2. Open the booking section by providing the details, like confirmation ID
  3. Now, you have to reissue the round trip ticket
  4. Here, you have reissued the entire ticket. It is not possible to change the half ticket
  5. In this, you might have to bear the additional charges and cost
  6. Though, you do not have to pay the entire ticket cost. However, you might have to pay if you cancel the flight and reschedule it

It is easy to direct how do I change my flight date with Turkish Airlinesin case of a round trip. Now, there are certain points that you must aware of about Turkish Airlines. It is important to know them to avoid any negative circumstances.

Things You Should Know About Changing Flight Policy

  1. You can change the flights date only when your ticket permit
  2. If you have a premium service ticket, then you can change the flights date easily. And for the economy, it depends on the airline
  3. The charges of rescheduling the flight rely on the type of trip
  4. If you have an international trip, then you might have to pay more as compared to the domestic one. To know the exact price you can connect with the customer support team
  5. Last-minute changes in tickets are not permissible. To change the date, you might have to run the process at least 24 hours before the flight departure
  6. You can manage booking a week before; even during check-in, you can make changes. If you find it hard to change the date online, then you can go with the offline process. It may take time, so make sure you visit the place 3 to 4 hours before the flight departure

It is the full details of Turkish airlines flight change policy. Still, have doubt or queries regarding how do I change my flight date with Turkish Airlines?Then you can take quick support with the customer service Turkish airline team. You can get the contact details at the official website of the airline. You can go to the contact us page and choose the method which seems comfortable to you.

How much does it cost to change a flight date with Turkish Airlines?

As per change flight policy of turkish airlines,the cost of change a flight date fee ranges between 30 Euros to 50 Euros ( It vary according to the fare rule). If you initiate a change in flight request just before 12 hours from the scheduled departure, in this case you have to pay the approx 30% amount of your total ticket fare. Generally, the cost of change in international flights and domestic are different, for International flight it can at aleast 200 dollars and for  flight 150 dollors.

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