How do I change my name on the Frontier Airlines Account?

There are two modes to change your name on your frontier airlines account. However, you can change through online mode and by customer service. However, Frontier Airlines is the largest airline from which you can easily get reliable and trustworthy, and comfortable services. So, if you are making plans to travel with the Frontier airline, your choice is good to make your trips reliable. However, if you have problems booking or changing your name on your Frontier airlines account, you must read the following. So, don’t worry about how I can change name on frontier airlines account. So, here, you will find the methods to change your name from your Frontier airlines account easily. But before the modes of changing the name, you must have to read the Frontier Airlines Name Change policy that will mention here.

Frontier Airlines Name change policy:

  1. According to the name change policy of Frontier Airlines, if the passengers want to change their name, they have to grant for changing their name.
  2. In addition, according to the name change policy, if the ticket can be booked through AAdvantage, reward, or any promo code, you can’t change your name.
  3. Only airport reservations can allow you to change your name by it.
  4. In addition, if you want to change your name from the frontier, the airline can allow you to make changes in your name till before an hour of the flight.
  5. If you are facing some other conditions like marriage or divorce, you will change your name from Frontier Airlines accounts.

In addition, after keeping an eye on the name change policy, you must keep in mind and apply or make a request for the name change. However, nowhere will you see how you will change your name from the tickets at Frontier Airlines. Therefore, here are the methods of changing the name on the Frontiers account. For that, you must follow the steps are:

How much do pay to change name on Frontier Airlines Ticket

If passenger want to change the name on Frotier airline ticket prior to travel but decide to keep the same itinerary, they have to follow below things:

  1. Any difference between the amount already paid
  2. Current fare selling for the same itinerary they have to fee $75 fee.

Change your name via online mode at Frontier Airlines Account 

  1. Browse the Frontier Airlines website.
  2. Log in to the account by mentioning your email address, address, and password.
  3. Then, modify your changes under the change settings section.
  4. Modify your name if the airlines allow it.
  5. After modifying, save the changes and go to the next.
  6. In addition, you are on the payment page for paying the charges for modifying the name.

Change your name via customer service call mode at Frontier Airlines Account.

  1. Open the site of Frontier Airlines.
  2. Find the contact section under the homepage of the airlines.
  3. Pick any contact number to make a phone call by selecting a language.
  4. Dial the number and connect with the live person of Frontier Airlines.
  5. After connecting the call, you must request a Frontier Airlines name change.
  6. Then, after changing, the airlines send you the confirmation.

Thus, further, if you are facing problems in changing the name, talk to the customer service of Frontier Airlines via live chat and social media, and send the change request by mail. However, from that, you will get a response instantly. In addition, by connecting or joining with them, the airlines will help you in solving your all issues. Also, you are always up to date with the airlines and provide you the best services, and offers. So, it is required to connect with Frontier Airlines.


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