How do I change names on a Ryanair Flight Ticket?

A person who holds a booking with an airline but needs to get their misspelled name corrected before the flight? This is not a rare occurrence, as many people often have their names fixed on ticket reservations since traveling via air is a strict procedure that such name errors can hamper. Ryanair has an easygoing name change policy, and a Ryanair passenger looking for a name change can explore further to know more.

Ryanair Name Change Policy

  1. Ryanair tickets are strictly non-transferable, meaning that a passenger cannot completely change the name on a Ryanair reservation to transfer it to a different individual.
  2. A name can be changed if the person has indeed got legal changes made to their name, as in the event of a marriage. However, the ticket will still be meant for the same individual.
  3. Even though the name cannot be changed, a Ryanair customer can correct their name if it was misspelled at the time of booking the reservation.
  4. Name corrections through the Ryanair website are free and can be made up to 48 hours before the scheduled take-off.
  5. Name corrections after the grace period can still be made up to 2 hours after the flight departure. However, this will invite a name change processing fee.
  6. Names that misspell a single letter or a middle or second surname don't require a name change.

How to change names on Ryanair Reservations?

Since a name can be changed or corrected in certain conditions, one can either use the Ryanair official website or call their customer service. However, it is advisable to change a ticket rather than attempting to change a name in the conditions where the name change fee is more than the price of the reservation or the ticket must be transferred to another person.

Change name via website:

  1. The Ryanair website has the "Manage Booking" tab, which can be used to search for the flight reservations one has booked.
  2. Use the reservation details as the webpage asks, and search for the flight.
  3. Wait till the browser gets the flight itinerary on the browser's screen, and then click on "Change name."
  4. Next, edit the name and continue. The browser will automatically bring up the active bookings page once the name has been edited.
  5. Choose the "Check-out" option and make the payments if any are asked. An email will confirm the corrections made to the name on the ticket.

Change name Via phone call:

If any individual has got legal name changes recently and isis looking to update the names on the flight tickets, then they can call the Ryanair reservations department. The Ryanair agent will have to be supplied with legal proof of the name change, and the changes will be made on the ticket accordingly. The legal document can be a certificate of marriage or anything along with these terms that validate the claim. Ryanair doesn't charge a fee for such changes except for changes made after the grace period.

Ryanair Name Change Fee
  1. Ryanair doesn't charge a fee for any name change made up to a deadline 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure.
  2. A name change made after this grace period will incur a processing fee of around EUR 115 through the website, and the fee is increased on calling a customer care agent for help with the name change.

Thus, one can say that Ryanair does give ample time to their flyers to change name on Ryanair flight. Still, it's better to use the Ryanair website first to change one's name and then call customer support later if required.


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