How do I check-in for American Airlines?

What time is check in for American Airlines

Are you looking to check in your American Airlines flight? If yes, then don’t worry you are at the right place. We get to consider ways by which the American airline’s check-in can be performed. It is a well-known airline in the industry as it provides the best available services to its customers. Nowadays, customers prefer to check in the flight either through Mobile mode or the official website. The procedure is so simple customers are only required to follow a specific set of instructions.

Let us see how to check-in for an American Airlines flight:

If you are looking for “How do I check-in for American Airlines, “ it is essential to get detailed check-in information to ensure an enjoyable journey. Go through the detailed instructions carefully:

  1. Firstly you are required to go to the official website.
  2. Now use your Six-digit reservation code for fetching your reservation. In the top-left corner, you get to see the “Check-in” option on the reservation page.
  3. Click that button to get through the check-in process. Now, you get to see the Hazardous Material policy. Accept it.
  4. Press the “Continue” option on the Trip options page. On that page, you can also purchase the additional miles for your trip.
  5. After completing the fourth step, you will get to see the seat map to select or modify the seat for the flight.
  6. Now in this step, you can select the seats, and you will be checked in.
  7. You also get to see the option of printing a boarding pass. you can be saved it as a PDF on your mobile.

Take a look at the check-in rules of American Airlines:

  1. If you are looking for “American Airlines check-in policy,” then you should go through the below-mentioned pointers:
  2. Passengers can perform check-in of the flight online or via the mobile app starting from 24 hours of the scheduled departure to 45 minutes prior to the departure. 
  3. The policy of check-in also applies for connecting flights that are more than a day away.
  4. One thing that is necessary to consider is that mobile or online check-in closes an hour before the scheduled flight departure. In the case of international flights, it closes half an hour before the scheduled flight departure.
  5. If you are looking for check bags at the airport, then one thing is important to consider that you should have checked bags at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure in case of domestic flights. In the case of international flights, it is 60 minutes.

However, there are some airports that don’t follow the above-stated check baggage rules which we are mentioning below;

  1. Denver(DEN)
  2. Fort Lauderdale(FLL).
  3. Las Vegas(LAS)
  4. Orlando(MCO)
  5. Portland, Oregon(PDX)
  6. Salt Lake City(SLC)
  7. Seattle(SEA)

Things which should be considered while checking in American Airlines flight:

As we see in the above-mentioned guidelines, “How do I check-in for American Airlines”. It is also important to consider specific points that are necessary to follow while in to enjoy the journey.

  1.  If you are check in through the airport. Ensure that you should have the:” Confirmation number” in your hand for facilitating smooth check-in.
  2. It is also advised to use the mobile boarding pass as they save the paper, and it also eliminates the doubt of misplacing the printed boarding pass.
  3. Sometimes you can get error checking in online mode. Don’t worry, it is an obvious situation, and it can be because you are going through a Military fair or you have a pet with you while tripping.

Always take a screenshot of the boarding pass on your mobile. You can also use the screenshot during check-in through the counter.


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