How do I check-in with Eastern Airways

Easy guide to help you check-in online on Eastern Airways

Eastern Airways is known to provide its impressive services in and across the United Kingdom. The airline fulfills the needs and requirements of its travelers; that is why it is known as a customer-friendly airline. Eastern Airways has managed to score 7.2 ratings out of 10. To make your boarding feasible, the airline has introduced several check-in options, so do not worry about how do I check-in with Eastern Airways.  Also, you can call the Eastern Airways reservation call center to help you check in with your flight.

Ways to check-in on Eastern Airways

To make your check-in process even more untroubled and smoother, Easter Airways allows you to check-in by choosing any of the mentioned methods:

  1. Web Check-In
  2. Airport Check-In
  3. Kiosk Check-In

Choose any of the mentioned check-in options to print your boarding pass efficiently or, you can also take the help of customer service to check in with your flight.

Steps to check-in online with Eastern Airways 

Follow the steps given below to check-in online with your Eastern Airways flight:

  1. Visit the official website of Eastern Airways.
  2. Select the Manage My Booking option from the menu bar.
  3. Eastern Airways redirects you to a new page to fill in the flight information, including the passenger’s last name and ticket reservation number.
  4. Next, you need to select the reservation for which you want to proceed with the check-in.
  5. Once you select the reservation, click on the Check-In now option.
  6. Now, you get the seat mapping section; choose an available seat to cover the journey.
  7. If you need, you can request the airline to give you a preferred seat by paying some applicable charges.
  8. Also, you can add some special services to make your journey comfortable and luxurious. 
  9. After you select the seat and add special amenities, you need to proceed to the payment section.
  10. Select a payment option and enter the required payment details to complete the transaction.
  11. Lastly, you can print your boarding pass for your selected reservation.

These are steps to follow if you wish to comply with Eastern Airways web check in on your own. Also, you can skip the charges by taking the allotted seat assignment and not adding any extra services to your reservation.

Check-In Terms and Conditions at Eastern Airways

To print a boarding pass and not miss your flight, take note of the following check-in policy put forth by the airline-

  1. For domestic flights, the check-in portal of Eastern Airways opens about 90 minutes before the flight's scheduled departure. It remains open until 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  2. For international flights, the portal opens prior to the flight's scheduled departure and closes 45 minutes before the flight departure. 
  3. As per the Eastern Airways check-in policy, Eastern Airways does not allow the passenger to onboard the flight if the passenger exceeds the check-in timing.
  4. Make sure that you reach the airport as soon as possible if you are checking in using the physical check-in kiosk.

The Eastern Airways web check in is the most convenient way and is preferred by many travelers worldwide. So, if you need any help with web check-in, you can contact Eastern Airways and ask for their assistance on the matter


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