How do I complain to Iberia?

Iberia airlines offer various mediums that passengers can use in order to file a complaint about any service extended to them. The airline has a dedicated complaints section on the official website and people are able to convey their complaints or messages to the airline. One can connect with the reservations department at Iberia to file offline complaints as far as the flight reservation is concerned.

Passengers can complain about: 

  1. Flight cancellation. 
  2. Assistance
  3. Personal assistance. 
  4. Seat change. 
  5. Schedule change.
  6. Denied boarding.
  7. Baggage.
  8. In-flight entertainment/WiFi.
  9. Missed connection.
  10. Delay.
  11. Cuisine service.

Ways to complain to Iberia?

Here is what one can do in order to file complaints at Iberia.

  1. Use Customer Service Center to lodge complaints at Iberia.
  2. Use Helpline to lodge complaints at Iberia.
  3. Use Email to lodge complaints at Iberia.
  4. Use Social Media to lodge complaints at Iberia.


Use Customer Service Center to lodge complaints at Iberia.

People are able to file complaints against Iberia airlines or any service imparted by the airline to the customer service centre. Multiple ways are available to reach out to the customer support professionals working at the customer service centre for lodging complaints. Passengers can communicate with the customer service department at Iberia for help using either of the following options: customer service helpline number or customer support email address.

Use Helpline to lodge complaints at Iberia.

  1. Iberia has a dedicated helpline that aims to resolve passengers’ issues and flight-related complications. 
  2. One can connect with the support team at the airline for help and assistance with their flight bookings by dialing the customer support number. 
  3. This is one of the best ways that one can use in order to access customer services for Iberia flight reservations. 
  4. Professionals from the customer support team working in the complaints department will answer your call to offer optimum resolutions.

Use Email to lodge complaints at Iberia.

  1. People can also use the customer support email address released by the airline for help and support with their Iberia reservations.
  2. You can connect with the complaints department at Iberia via the dedicated email released by the airline offering support and assistance to travelers. 
  3. Compose an email and include your booking details to get effective and quick help with your complaint.
  4. The complaints redressal department will get back to you within 48 hours of receving your email. 

Use social media to lodge complaints at Iberia.

Passengers can connect with the complaints department at Iberia using social media channels. One can use the below-mentined social media platforms to file a complaint at Iberia.

  1. Facebook. 
  2. Instagram.
  3. Twitter.

This offers 24x7 service to consumers and one can post their complaints online on Iberia's social media handles for a quick response.

Register your complaint online at

Passengers can register their complaints online via accessing the official Iberia website.Once you are on the website you can locate the  complaints page and follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select the ‘Complaints’ option on the Iberia homepage. 
  2. A new screen will appear where you can find the ‘Claim’ option. 
  3. People need to mention the required details on the complaint claim form. 
  4. Select your claim type from a drop-down list. There are numerous options available on the list that one can choose. 
  5. Next, passengers need to mention their booking details such as your booking code along with the ticket number. 
  6. Hit the ‘Continue’ option on the page to submit your complaint.

Travelers can also connect for personal assistance at Iberia using the following means available at

  1. Iberia offices. 
  2. Iberia baggage customer service. 
  3. Lost objects 
  4. Iberia connects.
  5. Personal data request. 


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