How can I speak online with Ethiopian Airlines Customer Service?

How to Contact Ethiopian Airlines? Get Complete Details Here

Ethiopian Airlines is the flag carrier of Ethiopia and offers you the best services to travel to your destination. The airline gives you many features and amenities to deliver hassle-free travel. Also, the airline lets you access all its services without going anywhere by sitting in your chair. All you need is to visit the website of Ethiopian Airlines.

Moreover, the airline takes care of your troubles and offers you round-the-clock customer service. You can connect with a live person at the Ethiopian Airlines phone number. The experts are just one call away, make a phone call and get complete assistance. Besides, to help you with the information to how can i speak with online Ethiopian airlines customer service phone number here is information that you shouldn't miss. So, read along.

How do I call Ethiopian Airlines for reservations, sales, arrivals/departures and other enquiries?

Various methods to Talk with Live person of Ethiopian Airlines:

  1. Dial Toll-Free: 1 800 445 2733 to talk with someone at Ethiopian airlines.
  2. Chat with live person through the chat-bot.
  3. Email:
  4. Working Hours: Mon-Sat: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM. 
  5. 24 hours all year.

Most effective way to connect with an live person of Ethiopian is through speaking directly to the ethiopian airlines customer service. The airline provides a toll-free number 1 (800) 445-2733 that will help you solve your query quickly. To speak with someone you have to wait sometime untill your connected

Here are the ways to connect with Ethiopian

  1. You need to visit the official home page of the Ethiopian airline.
  2. Then move to the contact us option, and click on it.
  3. After clicking the contact page will show you the official number of Ethiopian airlines.
  4. Dial it and connect with an automated voice command asking you to press different digits on your phone according to your query.
  • Press 1 flight status
  • Press 2 baggage info
  • Press 3 manage booking
  • Press 4 Ethiopian customer service

Press any numerical according to your choice and find the solution to your question. To end the call, you can press #.

Ethiopian Airlines Call Center Phone Number for Different Countries:

Angola    +251 116 179 900
Argentina    +54 11 5168 6142
Austria    +43 720 229149
Bahrain    +251 116 179 900
Belgium    +32 78 25 92 42
Benin    +229 62 50 09 79
Botswana    +267 8007861007
Brazil    +55 19 4560 0377
Canada    +1 613 701 6473
China    +86 4008-071-787
Egypt    +20 800 000 9632
Estonia    +372 8807941
Ethiopia    +251 116 179 900
France    +33 9 74 59 55 53
Germany    0800 0006062
Ghana    +233 24 242 6303
Guinea    +224 660 71 03 28
Hong Kong    +852 3008 3642
India    000 8000 401 687
Indonesia    +62 780 33218406
Ireland    +35319640402
Israel    +97233726991
Italy    +251 116 179 900
Japan    +81 50 3204 1144
Kenya    +254 20 3892349
Kuwait    +965 9476 7191
Lithuania    +370 5 214 1606
Madagascar    +251 116 179 900
Malaysia    +60162991696
Mali    +223 44 96 00 33
Netherlands    +31 85 001 3798
New Zealand    +64 4 887 1261
Nigeria    +251 116 179 900
Norway    800 73 634
Oman    +251 116 179 900
Philippines    +63 1 800 1322 0154
Poland    +48 22 263 03 89
Portugal    +351 800 832 061
Puerto Rico    +1 787 339 2238
Qatar    +974 44161010
Russia    +7 (495) 937-59-45
Saudi Arabia    +251 116 179 900
Seychelles    +251 116 179 900
Singapore    +65 3129 2255
South Africa    +27 87 551 8262
South Korea    0030-8321-0197
Spain    +34 518 89 99 48
Sudan    +249 15 655 9832
Sweden    +46105517457
Switzerland    +41 800 563 726
Tanzania    +251 116 179 900
Thailand    +66 2 508 8794
Turkey    +251 116 179 900
Uganda    +256 800 113274
United Arab Emirates    +971 800 0320372
United Kingdom    +44 1753 967980
United States, California    +1 909 328 6127
United States, Florida    +1 352 436 1902
United States, Oregon    +1 458 204 1425

Some Different Ways to Contact the Ethiopian Airlines Customer Support:

Requesting a Live Chat: By initiating a live chat with an Ethiopian Airlines customer service representative, you can be in touch with an expert. Once your chat starts, you can discuss the issues that you face with your Ethiopian Airlines. The support team representative will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Sending an Email: When it seems difficult to connect with a live person at Ethiopian Airlines over a phone call or live chat, you can get in touch with a representative. All you need to do is composing an email in which you have to explain the situation in which you are stuck and required assistance. Once the email is received, the support team member will help you thoroughly and provide you instant help.

Through Social Media: The airline is available on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. You can send them a message on their account to get help. Also, you can tag the airline in your post and get help from the experts at any time. The representative of Ethiopian Airlines customer service will help you instantly.

Visiting the Support Page: You can go to the customer support page of the Ethiopian Airlines website. There you can find the solutions to your queries from different categories. In addition to this, you can go to the FAQ section to get a solution to your queries. Moreover, you can use the Search Bar to find an answer to your query related to Ethiopian Airlines.

Why Ethiopian Airlines?
Ethiopian airlines deliver smiles to millions of customers around the world by providing their flight tickets at discounted rates. Not only the flight ticket, but they also show hospitality to their lovely clients by providing them with food and entertainment and free drinks in the flight cabin during traveling to their dream destination.

The Ethiopian airline also gives flexibility during flight booking in case the customers want to change their flight or cancel it; other than that, if the respective passenger wants to claim a refund on cancellation, then it can be possible through the digital platform of the Ethiopian airline. The official webpage provides various help, including customer service and baggage claims.
The digital help and the Infratech are so huge that it gives a shed to the passengers who take rest while waiting for their flight to board at their respective terminal.

Benefits of choosing the Ethiopian Live Person

There are several benefits of selecting a live person, such as you can talk about any issue. And it is a very safe option to get in touch with one of the Ethiopian airline staff as all the call recordings get double-checked for verification and inspection purposes. The live person will guide you best so that you can reach your final stage of the process without any error.

The live person will help you know the best deals, flight status check, and manage your booking ( cancellation, change, status, refund, etc.). The respective customer service executive will send you the necessary information on your registered email id.

How live person help to book cheap flight deals?

The airline runs various campaigns where they provide coupons, vouchers, and family vacation packages that will provide you with the flight ticket at a much cheaper rate. Moreover, you can go for the low fare calendar; if you cannot do so, then you can connect with an ethiopian live person. The live person will tell you about the low-fare flight available in a month. If you ask about the discounts, the respective customer service will tell you the specific duration where you can book an affordable flight. Moreover, the person will also tell you about schemes where you might have a chance to grab a reservation at an affordable rate

Which Is the Best Way to Contact the Customer Service Team of Ethiopian Airlines?

Since it completely one's choice in which mode of communication he or she finds comfortable. The best way to get help on how do i contact ethiopian airlines customer service phone number is over a phone call as it connects you with a representative at Ethiopian Airlines in real-time. So, you don't have to worry about conveying your message to the right person. Also, when you talk in real-time, it becomes easy for both to understand the situation. So, making a phone call at the Ethiopian Airlines contact number would be the best way to get help from a reservation expert.

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