How do I talk to someone at Iberia Customer Service?

How To Connect With Live Experts On Iberia Airlines Customer Services? A Brief Guide

Iberia is one of the famous airlines in Spain, and it was founded in 1927. They operate its international network of services from the leading airport name Madrid-Barajas. They always offer the best flights to leisure and business travelers. Iberia flies to over 109 destinations in almost 39 countries worldwide. They further fly to 90 destinations through their codeshare agreement. You can obtain all the services online at their website and also have the facility to connect with their customer service team.

Want to get quick information on your Iberia Airlines bookings? Do you wish to talk to the airlines live customer service agents directly rather than going through the limited FAQs or online travel forums? Will, the flag carrier of Spain has got one of the best customer services through which it ensures satisfaction travel plans of its customers. Besides, the airline is also quite popular for its amazing inflight services and features.

However, there are times when passengers think how do i talk to someone at iberia customer service for quick assistance on their manage booking. Therefore if you are also among one of them, and have been thinking to connect with the airline's customer service, then here's what if you need to know.

Ways to Contact Iberia

Communicate Iberia Airlines via Phone Call

To reach customer support, you can dial the toll-free phone number available at the Iberia contact section on its official website. After dialling the number listed to the below IVR options carefully:

Talk to Someone at Iberia by IVR Calling System:

  • If you want to speak with live person then you have option to dial Iberia Airlines customer service number 1-800-772-4642*(For English) or 1-802-500-5201(OTA,Skip Wait).
  • After dial the number you should follow the automated voice call system.
  • Press 1 to select your language of conversation.
  • Press 2 to select reservations or changes. 
  • To directly talk with a live person, you need to press 5.
  • Now stay on the line, Usually waiting time can be around 10-15 minutes.

If any of the reasons you did not get reply from Iberia then you can follow below procedure such as:

  • You can communicate with someone at iberia for New bookings/General Queries:+34 915 23 65 68.
  • You can communicate with someone at iberia for request a refund for the ticket: (+1) 800 772 4642.
  • You can talk somone at Iberia for Accessibility Services and Information: 1-800-994-0704
  • You can email :
  • You can reach (Spanish and English): from Monday to Sunday 00.00–24.00
  • Contact Iberia CSP - Customer Service Plan.
  • Contact Iberia TARMAC - Tarmac Delay Contingency Plan.
  • Contact Iberia IB General Rules & Tariff Canada.
  • You can send message on WhatsApp: +34 676 67 60 04(24/7).
  • Contact Via Twitter (
  • Contact via facebook (

Communicate Iberia Airlines via Live Chat

The live chat feature on Iberia Airlines can also help you to connect with the experts within quicktime. The airline's customer services agents are also available through the live chat menu, and you can easily take consultation regarding your travel plans mind or your queries within no time. The live chat services are available through the airline’s official website and the mobile app.

Communicate Iberia Airlines via Email

The Iberia customer service emailsupport services are also available on the airline through which you can report feedback, share grievances or any other important information with the Iberia airlines customer services. However, the email support option has a less turnaround time as compared to the phone support or live chat option. Hence. You might have to wait for the response for the airline's customer services end.

Communicate Iberia Airlines via Social Media handles

The social media handles of Iberia Airlines such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are also contactable options to get through the airline’s customer services. Besides, the travel experts are available 24/7 to provide assistance on your travel plans related queries. One can use the social media messengers, comments, all-posts, etc. to get through the live person. Also, you can request them to get a call back from the experts through the Iberia Airlines social media handles.

Communicate Iberia Airlines via Online Forums

You can also contact the Iberia customer service through the online forums to talk to the airline's experts and other passengers. They can also help you with the travel queries. However, you may not be able to connect with the experts as quickly as the phone support and chat support.

Moreover, it is highly advisable to connect through the Iberia customer service via calling on the Iberia airlines customer service phone number.With this option, you can connect with the experts within real-time, and thoroughly discuss your queries with them followed by getting 100$ assurance from them on your travel plans.

Benefits of choosing Iberia Live Person:

If you want to connect with the Iberia customer live person at Iberia, you can see the below benefits:

24/7 assistance:

The live person is available 24 hours and seven days to serve every query regarding the flight journey. You can get through with them from anywhere across the globe.

Instant help:

They will deliver you the solution instantly, which will save you huge time related to the query.

Easy way of communication:

Once you connect with the live person, you can choose your preferred language for the communication. In this, you will get one-on-one interaction with the live person.

Ask multiple questions:

You can ask as many questions as possible with the live person and clear your queries completely. They will deliver the best assistance possible related to the flight journey, and you can avail all the facilities.

What time Iberia customer service open?

You can connect with the Iberia customer service from anywhere across the world. As the Iberia live person hours are from 9:30 am to 17:30 from Monday to Friday. Hence, you can reach customer service through different mods available in their help and contact section. 

Why Iberia Airlines?

Iberia always works with the passenger's needs and requirements to deliver the facilities accordingly. You can see some of the facilities given below to fly with Iberia airlines:

In-flight entertainment:

They will help you enjoy your journey to the fullest and allow you to listen to your favorite music, watch movies, tv shows, web series, etc.

Vacation packages:

For leisure travelers, they offer a package in which the prices will be low for the journey. With this, passengers can spend their vacation promptly.

Priority check-in:

To deliver the supreme facilities worldwide, you have the feature to get the boarding pass first and board the flight.

Cheap flights:

You can find the best prices on Iberia and reserve the flight with huge discounts. You can anytime obtain a low-cost flight to the destination online.

People Also Asked about:-

Q: How Do I Find My Iberia PIN?

If you have Iberia Plus Card and can't find the number as you don't carry your card, you can contact customer service. Also, you can find it in the email sent by the airline. Next, open the email and check it at the left-hand corner of the email.

Besides, if you forget the Iberia PIN, you can retrieve it by going to the Personal Area. Next, you have to select the "Forgotten or don't have a PIN?" option. All you need is to enter the Iberia Plus Number and then, you get three different ways to obtain a new PIN.

You can select answering the security questions to get a new PIN. Also, you can receive a new PIN at your email address. With this, you can get your PIN and access the services without much of a stretch. Above all, if you see any problem, contact the support team over a phone call.

Q: How Do I Contact Iberia UK?

Contacting Iberia Airlines in the UK is not a big task to do. You can connect with the airline personnel over a phone call and book your tickets. All you need is to dial the customer service phone number and follow the IVR. Further, by selecting a language and topic, your call redirects to a representative. The representative resolves all your problems as soon as you get in touch with the expert.

Besides, you can chat with an Iberia live person by visiting the Iberia Airlines website. Once you select the Chat icon, it initiates a chat by opening a chatbox, and you can choose a topic to get help. Moreover, you can directly request to talk to a live person to discuss the issue that you see with Iberia. With this, you won't be wondering how do I speak to someone at Iberia?. And you will get complete assistance from the airline experts. So, get in touch with them and enjoy the services.

Q: Is Iberia owned by American Airlines?

Iberia Airlines is an official partner of American Airlines. Travelers, who want to book a flight ticket with Iberia Airlines, can now earn the AAdvantage on their booking. Also, if you are booking a flight with Iberia Airlines and have American Airlines Miles, you can use it to make your trip less expensive.

Q: Is Iberia part of British Airways?

Iberia Airlines and British Airways recently decided to merge to provide an inexplicable travel experience to their travelers. Now, travelers can book a ticket on any airline, but the services won’t be limited to some extent. You can benefit from this merger because now you can travel to several destinations in real-time!

Q: Is Iberia a good airline to fly?

Iberia Airlines is one of the best airlines if you want to fly with comfort. The airline is endowed with all the necessary amenities, which makes the airline a popular choice amongst the passengers. You can find all the essential facilities at Iberia Airlines- from comfortable seating arrangements to ever-present staff members, Iberia strives to cater the best. Also, when you face any trouble, you can search the methods for how do i speak to someone at iberia and rely on the Iberia live person who is 24*7 accessible to help you out in your demanding situation.

Q: Is Iberia part of SkyTeam?

Iberia is not a part of SkyTeam but is in a codeshare partnership with many airlines. The airlines that partner with Iberia are American Airlines, Avianca, British Airways, Japan Airlines, Finnair, etc. you can choose any airline's services while booking the Iberia flight.

Q: Does Iberia customer service 24/7?

Yes. You can contact the Iberia live person anytime(24/7) at customer service with the number given on the airline's official website. You have to dial the number and follow the on-call instructions to get in touch with the customer representative any time of the hour. Moreover, you can use other platforms as well to contact the customer support of Iberia, such as Live Chat, email, social media platforms, etc.

Q- What is Iberia Plus number?

Iberia airline's frequent flyer loyalty program is called Iberia Plus. The money used in this program is known as Avios, which are similar to miles points that are used for several other frequent-flyer programs. If you are an Iberia Plus member, then you can accrue Avios and get flights, car hire, hotel stays, and other exclusive advantages. You can also get Avios by using the services of the organizations associated with the program. Plus, every time a passenger book a flight with Iberia Plus Card then, they will get Elite Points to upgrade to the next card level. You can contact the Iberia plus number at (+1) 800 772 4642 and ask the support executive to help you with any issue you face with your Iberia account.

Q- How do I contact Iberia in English?

To talk with live person at Iberia, you have to dial Iberia phone number in English : (+1) 800 772 4642. They are available from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. Now while on call, you have to select the preferred language by pressing the relevant key. Now follow the automated instructions such as Press 0 to connect with the Live agent of the airline. After pressing, the relevant number, wait for a bit as your call gets connected to the live agent. After the connection, explain your query and get a detailed solution.

Frequently Asked Questions About How do I talk to someone at Iberia Customer Service?

To get help on Iberia airline issues from worldwide, you can call (+1) 800 772 4642.

(773) 782-6103, You can dial this number to get help on Iberia Express.

For baggage, existing/ new booking, refund issues from Spain, you can contact Iberia phone number: +34 915 23 65 68 & on WhatsApp: +34 676 67 60 04.

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