How do I contact Newark Airport Customer Service?

Different Modes to get in touch with Newark Airport.

There are situations when passengers are at the Newark airport, confused about the flight departing, baggage, and even for lost and found cases. In such cases, passengers want to contact the customer service person of the airport. Newark airport is also known as Newark Liberty International Airport, situated in Newark, United States. If you have doubts regarding the parking situations and terminals, you can contact the available customer service person. The customer service person has the best information that you can grab from them and know the benefits of contacting directly to the airport.

Types of queries

  1. There can be queries that arise in passengers' minds for which they try to connect with the airport and to the customer service person at the airport.
  2. You can ask about the terminal from where your flight will take off.
  3. There can be baggage issues that you are facing, or you want to ask where to submit all your luggage or any extra baggage facilities.
  4. If there are circumstances of the delayed flight and now you want to cancel your flight tickets, you can go to the airport to ask the whole step to cancel flight tickets on the spot.
  5. You can ask them about the parking of vehicles at the airport and its charges.

Methods to contact Newark Airport:

There are multiple methods that the airport provides to contact them in case of an emergency. The best method is through Newark Airport Phone Number. If you require phone number details to contact the airport, then you can go through these steps:

Directly on phone calls:

Suppose you are not available at the airport and want to ask about the terminal of flight take-off or the parking facilities of the airport. In that case, you can contact the customer service available at the airport. You can call on Newark Airport customer service phone number +1 973-961-6000 to get in touch directly with a live person available. You can ask the queries, and they will provide you with correct information regarding the doubts. Different phone numbers are given to the passengers to contact the customer service person as per their need.

The other alternative modes that can be useful to the passengers are as follows:

Mailing address:

If you want to send them by fax or mail them manually, in case you are not able to find the phone number of the airport. You can compass a mail and send it to 3 Brewster Road, Newark, NJ07114, USA. Once the mail is sent to their address, they will reply to you with the appropriate answers, and this can happen if you are far away from the city or the airport.

Customer service hours of Newark Airport:

If passengers are trying to contact the Newark Airport and now they want to know the working hours of the airport, then they can call them according to the schedule fixed by the airport. On weekdays they are available from 8 a.m to 11 p.m and on weekends their working hours are around 9 a.m to 8 p.m. If you have any doubts regarding the airport facilities, you can call them between this time zone, and they will reply to you with the relevant information. /p>

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