How do I get a Refund from Avianca Airlines?

How will I apply for a refund from Avianca?

It is considered by the travelers that booking flight tickets is not as difficult as it is to claim for a refund. If tickets are being purchased with Avianca Airlines, now, passengers have to cancel their flight tickets and ask for a refund from the airline. Avianca is considered to be one of the significant and most referred airlines in Colombia.

Several passengers want to get a refund from the airline but are unable to do so as they are unaware of the process.

Refund policies of Avianca Airlines:

There are some refund policies of Avianca Airlines that passengers have to follow before they move forward to claim a refund from the airline. The terms and conditions of the airline are as follows:

  1. Under 24 hours refund policy of Avianca, if travelers want a full refund from the airline, they need to cancel the flight ticket within 24 hours of purchase. 
  2. If travelers are late or they have made sudden decisions to cancel the Avianca tickets, they have to pay fees for the cancelation, which can get withdrawn from the refunding amount. 
  3. The refund will process instantly and be credited to the passenger's account within three to five working days. 
  4. The charges of the flight cancelation will depend upon the type of flight booked, distance, and destination. 
  5. Tickets should be refundable, unused, or unexpired to get them refunded by the airlines.

Here are points to follow to request a refund from Avianca:

Once the passengers have read out the Avianca Airlines Refund Policy, they can move forward to request a refund.

For those passengers who cannot find a way to cancel the Avianca flight tickets and claim a refund, they can follow the points those are explicated below:

  1. First, open the Avianca official site.
  2. Open the ‘manage booking’ section on the official site of Avianca Airlines. 
  3. A dashboard will appear on the screen.
  4. Enter the PNR credentials on the tab, and click on the ‘ok’ button.
  5. Choose the ‘cancel flight tickets’ option, and cancel the flight ticket that you have reserved.
  6. If there are any cancelation charges, passengers have to pay the fees, or they can be deducted from the refunding money. 
  7. Next, open the ‘refund link’ after navigating it. Fill the application with all the details, like travelers’ last names and reservation numbers. 
  8. Submit the application to Avianca Airlines if a refund is considerable. Travelers will be credited with the refund money. 
  9. If there is any kind of deduction in the refund amount, then it has been withdrawn for cancelation fees.

Avianca Covid Refund Policy:

Suppose passengers have stuck n the Covid situation and want to cancel their flight ticket and claim a refund. In this case, they have to follow the covid policy rule of Avianca Airlines to request a refund accordingly:

  1. During the covid pandemic, passengers are allowed to cancel their flight tickets, and Avianca will provide them with a complete and final refund. 
  2. If, due to covid, Avianca Airline cancels the flight tickets of the travelers, they can easily apply for a refund from the airline. 
  3. If passengers are found covid positive, they can cancel their flight tickets after informing the airline and can cancel their flight tickets. 
  4. If passengers are covid positive or there is any situation if covid, the tickets can be canceled for free of cost, and with a full refund.

How long does it take to refund from Avianca?

If passengers have already claimed a refund on Avianca Airlines and now want to know how much longer will it take to claim a refund, they can wait for three to five working days. As airline will credit the money within these days. They might take some more tenure of lumpsum 21 days but will definitely claim in the same form they were paid for the booking.


Does Avianca have 24 hours refund policy?

Yes, if passengers are canceling their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking, they will be eligible to get a full refund from the airline. They only have to fill out the request refund form and submit it to the airline. Even the cancelation will be done free of any fees by the airline if there is 24 hours cancelation process.

How can I claim a refund from Avianca Airlines?

Travelers who have already canceled their Avianca flight tickets have to ask for a refund; they can use the online process of Avianca Airlines. They have a refund form that has to be filled out by the passengers and submitted to the airline. If the refund form is accepted by the airline, travelers will get a refund from the airline.

Are there any deductions in the refund money?

Yes, there can be some deduction in the refunding amount when travelers are not able to cancel their flight tickets within 24 hours of booking. As per the 24 hours refund and cancelation policies, travelers have to pay some amount for the canceled flight tickets, which can get withdrawn from the refunding amount.

How can I get help from the Customer service of Avianca regarding a refund?

If passengers need some help regarding a refund from Avianca customer service, they can contact them and ask about the procedure to claim a refund for the canceled flight tickets. The customer service person will help the passengers to claim a refund.

Can I apply for a refund if Avianca cancels my flight tickets?

Yes, passengers can easily apply for a refund if the tickets are being canceled by the airline. As the canceled flight is the responsibility of the airline, passengers will get a full refund, or they can get compensation from the airline.

Is Avianca giving discount coupons in place of refunds?

Yes, if passengers are canceling their flight tickets and they do not want money as a refund, in place of money, they can claim a voucher or promo code from the airline. These codes are helpful at the time of booking flight tickets. They can provide extra discounts to travelers when they are reserving tickets from the official site of Avianca Airlines.

How can I contact Avianca for a refund?

Travelers who are willing to reach out to the customer service of Avianca Airlines to ask about the refund procedure or will the airline provide a refund to the travelers, they can contact them via various modes. These methods include the calling process, chat, and even email services of Avianca Airlines. The customer service executive is available to guide the travelers with all the essential points that can help them to claim a refund from the airline. 

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