How to get Refund from Thai Airways?

Thai Airways is the Flag carrier of Thailand; if you are flying with Thai Airways and due to some personal reasons or some emergency you are not able to board the flight and looking to get a refund from Thai Airways, you can cancel and apply for the refund, and this will also save you from no show policy and save you much trouble. Before applying for a refund, you should know about the Thai Airways Refund Policy.

Refund Policy of Thai Airways -

  1. If you have opted for a refundable ticket, You can cancel a Thai Airways flight within 24 hours of ticket purchase with no extra penalty or cancellation charges.
  2. After 24 hours, Thai Airways will charge you $90-$120 depending on your ticket and flight destination; it can vary on various factors. It is subject to change, and the Airline has control over refunds and cancellation fees.
  3. After commencing travel, Airline will provide no refund in part or in full for the services you didn't use.
  4. If you don't show up, Thai Airways will charge you 100% of the amount.
  5. Be aware that cancellation/refund is varied upon your fare/ Rules.
  6. If you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, you can still apply for the refund of the taxes you paid to the government; it should be before your boarding time.

Different ways to get your refund from Thai Airways -

There are many ways you can claim a refund from Thai Airways; They provide good customer support to raise your queries and issues easily and get better assistance.

Below are some methods mentioned below on how you can claim your refund from Thai Airways.

Thai Refund Process using Official Website - 

You can go to Thai Airways' official website and claim a refund. Below are the steps -

  1. Go to Thai Airways' official website.
  2. Navigate to the Manage button on the top bar
  3. Enter your ticket number
  4. Enter your last name
  5. After entering the verification code to verify, you will be redirected to the manage page.
  6. You can cancel your flight.
  7. You can apply for a refund from this page only.
  8. You will get a confirmation mail that your flight is canceled, and you will get your refund minus the charges ( if applicable) within the given time.
  9. Refund time is also subject to your credit card company, and it usually takes seven days after confirmation.

Thai Refund Process using Filling Refund Request Form

You can fill out the Refund Request form from Thai Airlines' official website; you will have to fill out the form within 24 hours of the ticket purchasing. Only then you will be eligible according to Thai airways refund policy for a refund, and if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket, you can apply for the refund of taxes that you paid to the government.,the Airline will evaluate it, and if confirmed, you will get your refund within 7-10 Business days to your original payment method.

E-Voucher -

If you want an instant refund, you can choose the voucher method while filing a refund request. You will get an e-voucher of the same amount. You can use it to book another flight, but you cannot redeem it to cash, and it comes with an expiry date and is only applicable on Thai Airways.

Can I get my money back from Thai Airways?

Yes, you can get your refund from Thai Airways; if you are eligible as per the company's policy, you can apply for a refund, and Airline will give you a refund, and it depends on your payment method and how you made your booking. Cancellation charges are subject to change and depend on your ticket also. But you will surely get your refund (if eligible) to your original payment method once your documents are verified.

How long does Thai Airways refund take?

It depends on where you booked your ticket and by which payment method. If you have booked online from Thai Airways, you will get your refund within 7-10 Business days to your original payment method. If you have booked via credit card, Airline will send the amount to your credit card company, and then your credit card company will adjust it in your statement. You can not cash that money. If you have paid via cheque/cash, it usually takes 15-20 Business days to complete your refund.

How do I claim a refund on my airline ticket?

Before claiming a refund request, you must check all the boxes. If you are eligible, you can claim the refund on the Thai Airline's website and manage all of your bookings, including canceling flights or applying for a refund; you can also check your cancellation charges and the status of your refund once approved.

If you still have any queries, you can go to the official website of Thai Airways and contact customer support, or E-mail the airlines about your queries.


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