How do I get a refund on my ANA Flight Ticket?

Step by Step Guide on how do I get a refund on my ANA ticket

ANA Airlines which is the short for All Nippon Co. Ltd. Is one of the major airlines. It is known to be the largest airline in Japan when we speak in terms of the revenue it generates and the number of passengers it carries.

It is known not only for providing connectivity to many major locations but also for the services it provides to the. But if anytime you miss your flight or you want to get an idea about the refund procedure and how the refund policies work in ANA then the below mentioned points will help you with the same. The points on How do I get a refund on my ANA ticket.

Options for Refund on ANA

If you have a flight and you are looking out for ways for you to claim a refund, then the below mentioned ways will help you with the ways in which you can easily claim your refund in a hassle free manner;

If you made some changes in your existing reservation, which made it a new reservation then a refund will be initiated. According to the ANA airlines refund policy the different options for you to claim your refund in different scenarios are as mentioned below;

PayPal- It will either credit to your PayPal account if the original mode of payment was PayPal.

Credit Card- The amount will be credited to your credit card under the working business days.

What are the steps to cancel and refund a ticket by Official ANA Site

If you want to make a cancelation of a ticket and get a refund, then you have to follow the steps

  • First, you have to reach the website of ANA, i.e
  • You have to then click on manage my trips
  • Provide your pnr and your last name
  • You have to then click on the ticket you want to cancel of
  • Then you have to click on cancel and follow the on-screen instructions
  • And this completes your process of cancelation a ticket, and they provide you with a refund.

This explains the process of receiving a refund if you are someone who wants to cancel the ticket that you have purchased, you can get your ANA refund after you follow the steps of cancelation and refund that are explained and after that you have to wait for some period to get your refund amount of ticket and that refund is as the same form that you have used to reserve your ANA tickets.

Other options for ANA refund are as follows-

Cash- In this method, the amount will be deposited into your bank account. Although the bank charges will be debited if applicable.

Ana Sky Coins- The refund will be added as Sky Coins Points in your mileage account of your ANA account.

Therefore, the different methods for how do I get a refund on my ANA ticket are mentioned in the above points.

Refund Process

The refund process with ANA airlines follows in the below mentioned ways:

If you made a cancellation or even if you made a new reservation and you are hoping for getting a refund initiated then, you will have to contact the customer support team of ANA. If you are willing to get a refund of the expired miles that you had in your account then the expired miles cannot be credited back into your ANA account. The time period for which you expect the smooth running for the refund to be initiated for a reservation cancellation is 24 hours prior to the departure of the flight you had your reservation on. Therefore, if you are looking out for the process of how do I get a refund on my ANA ticket, the above mentioned points will help you with that.

Importance of Online refund and Refund via Phone with ANA Airlines

The times are developing now and so are the procedures for the working for airlines. People nowadays have become more technology oriented and more focused towards smart work. Because of this reason we all switch to the 6 inch screen that we always have in our pockets.

Even refunds with ANA refunds have become very easy in the developing time. There is no need for anyone to go visit the premises of the airlines to file a claim for the refund they require on their past or the changes they made to a new reservation. They can easily do so with the help of online refund. You can also get a clear picture on the topic of ANA airlines refund policy in both the cases.

Importance of Online ANA Refund:

User Friendly- No need to spend money and visit the premises of the airlines. All you need to do is open the official website of ANA airlines and claim your refund.

All the information at one place- You’ll find all the relevant information at one single place, as the terms and conditions for the refunds re clearly mentioned on the official website of ANA Airlines.

You can also file for a claim for refund with the help of your phone. The importance of refund over phone are mentioned below-

Speak directly- In this case, you get to speak with a representative from the ANA airlines. You can easily narrate the situation and ask for which and how much refund are you eligible to get.

Departments- You can easily select the department for which you have the query, as when the IVR gets connected on the phone. It speaks different numbers provided as slots for different department. So you can easily choose the department, you have the query for.

Therefore, the importance for how do I get a refund on my ANA ticket via online refunds or refunds via phone are given in points mentioned above.

Some important ANA refund related points:

Where to apply for a refund?

  • If you purchased the ticket from the official website of ANA then you can claim for a refund online or via phone in each country.
  • If you purchased the ticket via phone, you can only claim for a refund with the help of the phone in the dedicated country from where you made the booking.
  • If you purchased the ticket through any travel agency you can only claim the refund by contacting the travel agency from where you purchased the ticket.
  • If you want to resolve how do I get a refund on my ANA ticket, first have an idea about where to go for refund.


  • The refunds will only be accepted within the time span of one year and 30 days from the date of the first purchase of the ticket.
  • Therefore, the above mentioned points will give you a clear picture on ANA airlines refund policy.
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