How do i reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines?

Reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines is one of the most reputed airline companies in the Middle East. It serves as a link among 300 destinations around the world. Based in Istanbul, it is known for its best services and facilities. You may know about it if you have traveled with Turkish Airlines before.

Flights reschedule policy at Turkish Airlines

If you are wondering about how do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines, you are at the right place as we will help you will all the problems you have in the rescheduling process. But first, you need to know some major points about the flight change or rescheduling the light. The rules are summarized below:

  1. You can change the date; time and flight on the ticket but you can’t change the domestic flight into an international flight
  2. You can request to reschedule your flight at least before 10 minutes of the departure
  3. If the new flight costs more than before, you need to pay the difference fare
  4. You may be charged the rescheduling amount as well
  5. You can make any changes to the ticket within 24 hours o the booking without being charged the change fee
  6. The place should be the same as the original destination while rescheduling the flight

Process to reschedule flight with Turkish Airlines?

If you want to reschedule your flight, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: At first, you need to open the official website of Turkish Airlines on the search engine
Step 2: If you have an account on Turkish Airlines, log in to that
Step 3: Locate Manage my trip at the top panel
Step 4: Click on the Flight change option
Step 5: Type in your ticket id and last name as per the ticket
Step 6: In the form given on the next page, choose the trip or reservation you are willing to change
Step 7: You can change the time, dates, or class of the flight in the available slots
Step 8: If you also want to change your flight, you can choose the flights you think is suitable for you
Step 9: If your rescheduled flight is costing more, pay the difference fare.
Step 10: Read the policies carefully before making the payment
Step 11: If you are paying with credit card, provide the card details.Step 12: Click on the Book button to make the new changes.

This is how you can reschedule your Turkish Airlines flight without taking much tension.

How do I reschedule my flight with Turkish Airlines via phone call?

If you are stuck in the process of rescheduling your flight and want to take help from the customer services of Turkish Airlines, you can read the section below. You can request them to make changes for you or you can ask them steps to make changes by yourself. The steps to call the customer care of Turkish Airlines are as follows:

  1. First of all, head to the official page of Turkish Airlines
  2. Click on the Any question option at the top panel
  3. From the given options, you need to select the Reservations option
  4. You will get a list of questions and answers about the canceling and rescheduling of flight
  5. You can read the instructions given in them or you can follow the steps to call customer service .

So, these were some ways On how do i reschedule my flight with turkish airlines. You can stay connected with the airline on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms as wel

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