How do I send Message to Korean Airlines?

Korean Air has launched the latest feature on its mobile app and website, with the help of which people can talk to Korean Air representatives via messages. This messaging feature is known as a Korean Air Chatbot. The chatbot is also known among the people by the name of Conversational Agent. This feature was available only in the Korean language, but now it is available in the English language for international passengers of Korean Air. Now you might think, how do I text on Korean air with the help of this Chatbot? Well, you can use the chatbot feature to exchange messages with Korean Air in the following way.

Customers can use the chatbot feature in five modes offered by Korean Air below.

Text Message through Korean Air website:

  • To talk to Korean Air through Chatbot, you can follow the following sequence.
  • Navigate through the Korean Air website,
  • You will see the Korean Air chatbot blinking and floating on the homepage of Korean Air, getting the website visitor's attention.
  • You can click on the Chatbot, and soon the chat box will appear on your screen.
  • You can choose the language from the options that the Korean Air chatbot gives you.

Text Message through Mobile web:

Mobile web offers the same pattern to chat with the Korean Air representative on the chatbot. Search for the Korean Air website and go to the chatbot present at the corner of the website.

Text Message through KakaoTalk:

Kakao Talk is the most used messaging app in Korea. To talk to Korean Air in the chatbot, you search for Korean Air in the Korean language and then begin to chat.

Text Message through Mobile App:

Customers of Korean Air can download the Korean Air app and begin to chat with Korean air agents in the chatbot when they click on the icon.

Text Message through Facebook Messenger:

Chatbot facility is also available on Messenger Facebook. You must have an account on Facebook messenger to get the Korean Air chatbot in conversation with you. You have to type KOREAN AIR on the search bar of messenger and then begin to chat in the chat box of the messenger.

Korean Air has taken the help of a chatbot to connect to passengers in the spur of the moment. To make themselves feel more connected to international passengers, they have also introduced a chatbot feature in English so that language couldn't be the barrier to exchanging words with international passengers. Korean Air offers other channels than chatbot services, such as phone calls where you can talk in your preferred language, email, and other social media platforms.

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