How do i Text to Air Canada?

Is it possible to text Air Canada?

Yes, Air Canada allows you to text (SMS) to their customer service if you are facing any trouble and need immediate assistance. However, if you need assistance on how to message then you need to text HELP to the Air Canada service number if you reside in Canada and the United States of America. The airline provides you the contact information to look forward. The airline’s main intention is to cater as many travelers as possible so that they can have a seamless journey to their preferred destination. Do not worry if you are stuck in some difficult situation and need assistance via text. Here can give a detailed answer to how do I text to Air Canada in an easy and understandable way, so keep reading!

Ways to Text on Air Canada

With Air Canada text message service, you can receive information and updates related to your flight status.

To text message on Air Canada you can follow below method:

  1. Firstly send message: 'HELP' to customer service on customer service number.
  2. Customer support team will get you back soon for your all travel problems.

To privilege from the text service of Air Canada, you need to follow the given steps-

  1. To unsubscribe from the services of Air Canada you need to send a text by writing STOP, END, QUIT, UNSUBSCRIBE or CANCEL on the Air Canada shortcode based on the region.
  2. The airline then confirms the status of the service cancellation by messaging you back on your mobile device. 
  3. You can text STOP to the customer service number given on the Air Canada website and you do not receive any further texts from the airline. 
  4. These steps can help you efficiently if you are wondering how do I text to Air Canada but do not worry if you cannot proceed with the text option to devour your queries.

Other shortcut Methods to Text at Air Canada

Below given is a list of contact methods to choose from if you can not text on the shortcode of Air Canada-

Text via Live Chat

  1. On the customer support page of Air Canada, you can find a live chat icon; click on it.
  2. Type your problem as a text you are facing and customer support team of Air Canada provides amazing assistance.


  1. If you want to receive professional assistance, consider contacting Air Canada through their email address.
  2. Enter the problem you have, provide important documents and you receive detailed assistance from the airline.

So, stop worrying about how do I text to Air Canada as Air Canada has got your back with its flexible customer service team. The representative at Air Canada works round the clock to give an eased and comfortable journey to travelers.


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