How do I upgrade my ANA flight

Get complete information on how travelers can upgrade their ticket with ANA

Who does not wish to access the premium services on board and enjoy a hassle-free journey? Luckily, those who have confirmed reservations with ANA get an option to upgrade their seats and enjoy a luxurious trip with the airline.

And to help travelers quickly upgrade their flight seats, here, one can find all the required options to manage their ANA itinerary. 

Seating options offered by ANA for upgrade

Before heading on with the detailed options on how do I upgrade my ANA flight, travelers must have complete info on the seating options. Currently, the airline offers four cabin classes, namely, economy, premium economy, business, and first-class. So, the travelers can pick their seating as per their suitability and manage their seats.

What are the upgrade options offered by ANA?

For travelers willing to upgrade their ANA booking and looking for details on how do I upgrade my ANA flight? The airline offers them the following options to upgrade their tickets:

  1. By redeeming the miles
  2. By bidding for an upgrade

So, travelers can pick either of the options and confirm their upgrade with ANA Airlines and manage their trip. And those looking for details on how do you upgrade on ANA? Here is the upgrade-related info that would help one modify their reservations.

What is the procedure to upgrade a booking with ANA?

Well, upgrading a flight ticket with ANA is not that tough, but there are times when travelers might need assistance. So, to help travelers with how do I upgrade my ANA flight with miles query, here are the quick procedures that one can follow.

a) Using Miles

  1. Click on the manage reservations option on the ANA website. 
  2. Then, find the reservation for which the upgrade needs to be performed.
  3. After the reservation details, click on the Upgrade option. 
  4. Further, the traveler can select the sector on which the upgrade needs to be performed. 
  5. Now, the traveler can fill out the payment details and confirm the same to proceed. 
  6. After that, the traveler will get a confirmation email regarding the upgrade.

b) Bid for an upgrade

For those who have a query on how do you upgrade on ANA? or is there an alternative way to upgrade the itinerary, they can check out the detailed steps shared below and manage their bookings.

  1. For travelers with ANA reservations eligible for an upgrade will get an invitation link one week before departure. 
  2. So, travelers interested in making an offer for the upgrade can bid for the reservation.
  3. Further, the traveler can submit their offer two days before the departure. 
  4. The traveler needs to add the payment details while making an offer and continue.
  5. If the offer of the traveler is accepted, the traveler will get notified about the same.

If required, the traveler can contact ANA customer service to confirm the upgrade and manage their bookings in time to enjoy a hassle-free journey.

Thus, these are the two procedures that would help travelers resolve their queries on how do I upgrade my ANA flight. But, those who still have doubts about the process can reach out to the ANA customer service for assistance.

Different costs of upgrading ANA flight ticket

  1. The upgrade fee for ANA flights varies with the flight sector and the upgrade request date. 
  2. To confirm the upgrade, the traveler needs to pay the fare difference and advance upgrade fee. 
  3. Four points will be needed for those using their points to confirm the upgrade regardless of the requested date and flight sector.

Importance of upgrading reservations online with ANA

After resolving the query on how do I upgrade my ANA flight, most travelers who are concerned about the benefits of upgrading the reservations online can check out the points listed below:

  1. By upgrading the reservations online, the travelers save their time and cost.
  2. Moreover, the travelers with membership get additional benefits while upgrading their reservations. 
  3. The traveler who bids for an upgrade gets an option to make payment later if they don't wish to upgrade their booking.

Other points to consider while upgrading ANA reservations

Before heading on with the procedure of how do you upgrade on ANA? Travelers must keep the following guidelines in mind and manage the itinerary accordingly.

  1. Before upgrading the reservations, the traveler needs to check the eligibility. 
  2. For upgrades made using miles, it is required that the reservation consists of ANA mileage members. 
  3. One must request the upgrade two days before the departure of the flight. 
  4. Travelers cannot utilize the upgraded flight ticket for other flights.
  5. The bidding option is dependent on the availability of seats.

Besides, for travelers who have queries on how do I upgrade my ANA flight, one can opt to reach out to the airline's reservation department and modify their bookings accordingly. If required, one can visit the airline website for help.


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