How do I change name on Lufthansa Airlines Tickets?

Learn the procedure to change the passenger name on a ticket booked with Lufthansa

Do you know Lufthansa Airlines allows the passengers to change the name on a ticket in some relevant conditions? Lufthansa Airlines defines the special conditions for changing passenger's name on a pre-booked flight ticket beneath its flight change policy. Moreover, those who wish to understand the procedure to change the name on Lufthansa Airlines tickets are welcome to this page. The particular details regarding the policy to change name on Lufthansa Airlines tickets and the procedure to apply that change are given below.

How can you change name of passenger on Lufthansa flight?

Changing the passenger’s name on Lufthansa flight ticket is quite flexible as they provide such facility on its website. Therefore, the procedure for applying to change name on Lufthansa flight, is as instructed below:

  1. Open Lufthansa web page and navigate towards Manage tab
  2. Tap on Book & Manage section to open the same
  3. Now enter your ticket booking ID in the assigned field
  4. Then, provide the last name of traveler and hit submit
  5. Next, a list of your bookings will appear on the screen
  6. Choose the individual flight and tap on change button
  7. Now apply the eligible change in passenger’s name and pay the fee to save it

What is the policy to change name on Lufthansa Airlines tickets?

The policy you must follow to change name on Lufthansa Airlines tickets is as provided below:

  1. Passengers can edit minor spelling mistake due to misprinting or typing fault by paying 50 dollars
  2. Passengers can edit only 2 letters in the first as well as the last name of passenger
  3. Passengers are permitted to change whole last name in legal condition such as marriage or divorce after providing document proof for the same
  4. Passengers cannot change the nick name of the passenger neither reverse it
  5. Name change fee is 90 dollars when scheduled departure is up to 15-28 days, whereas 50 dollars for 29 or more days

Moreover, you can contact Lufthansa Airlines customer support team for getting the assistance towards other specific reservation service details that you wish to identify.

Most Asked Questions

Can I change the first and last name of the passengers on the Lufthansa flight ticket?

Travelers can make the desired changes to their flight reservations online using the customer service support at Lufthansa and by online means. Passengers can stick to the below-mentioned steps to how to change name on Lufthansa Airlines Tickets:

  1. To change name on Lufthansa flight ticket first visit the official website
  2. Select the My Trips option on the page.
  3. Select the Manage my booking option and proceed further.
  4. Enter a few details such as your booking reference number followed by your last name.
  5. Hit the submit option and select the reservation you wish to change.
  6. Select the change flight option on the page and select the change you wish to make from the list that opens on the next page.
  7. Hit the name change option from the list and proceed with the change by paying additional 100 Euros per ticket at Lufthansa.

First or Last name changes are available for free online till the ticket is not generated. Once the ticket is generated, travelers have to pay the additional cost for a name change.

How much does it cost to change the name of Lufthansa airline?

Passengers can changed their name easily on ticket. As per rules and regulation of airline, it will cost somewhere around 100 Euros for the name change on your Lufthansa flight reservation. Travelers can connect with the customer service team to get help and support with the flight change.

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