How do I request a call back from Air Canada?

How to Reschedule Call Back from Air Canada Flight

Do you have a query about Air Canada or a concern over which you want a call back from the airline for assistance? In such scenario, this page could provide details on how to get a call back from Air Canada. There are numerous simple methods to contact Air Canada’s customer service if you want immediate assistance. Air Canada's customer care staff may be reached through phone, chat, or email for any query-related support. Are you curious to know that how do I get my call from Air Canada? If that's the case, the section below might help you learn more about the topic's details.

How can you get your call back from Air Canada?

Air Canada's flight services are outstanding, with few customers reporting some issues. Customers may receive a call back from the airlines to obtain appropriate support regarding a query or concern. If you truly want to know that how do I get my call back from Air Canada, follow the steps described below.

Request a call back to Air Canada by phone:

  1. To get started with Air Canada call back process ,dial the Air Canada toll-free number 1 (888) 247-2262 which will connect you to an automated support system.
  2. Then you should provide your name, reservation information, and even tell the automated system if you don't have any reservation. 
  3. Finally, you could demand a call back by entering your mobile number, and you will be contacted by a customer service team from Air Canada’s call center in a few seconds.

Request a call back to Air Canada by chat

You can use Air Canada’s web chat service to contact a customer service representative for any query.

While chatting with the customer service team, you could also arrange a call back from airlines and receive your phone call within seconds.

Send a call back request to Air Canada by email

  1. You may request a call back from Air Canada's customer care department by sending an email to their verified account.
  2. After making a request, you will receive your call back call from the airline’s service center in few working days.

By reading over the facts mentioned above, you may get the necessary information to determine that how do I get my call back from Air Canada. Aside from requesting a call back from Air Canada's customer service department, you may also contact them directly for any inquiries. Contacting the airline's customer service staff on your own can be a more speedy procedure because you won't have to wait for the airline to contact you back.

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Q- Do Air Canada offer Call Back Service?

Yes Air Canada offer call-back service to their passengers.To get benefits of callback plans you can call the Air Canada call back number 000 800 040 1885. Here available agents will attend your call and provide solution for your all travel related problems.


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customer review
Kayla 5
No call back offered to me. I don’t have time to wait for hours on hold. You guys need to do better with your customer service. West jet picks up right away. They don’t make their paying customers wait 45 min to 5 hours to ask a simple question.
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