How do you select a seat on a flight after booking?

Find the answer on How do i choose my seat after booking a flight?

Are you willing to know the information about how to choose seats on a flight after booking? The best way of making flying more comfortable is to take the perfect seat on the flight during an air ride. Mostly airlines allocate the seats to the passenger randomly at the time of airport check-in, however they also allow them to choose preferred seat in a few ways. It is a good option to pick a seat on the flight in advance, as you can get a confirmed seat of your choice. If you are thinking that How do you select a seat on a flight after booking, then you can learn the ways by going through the details below.

Learn the ways on How do i choose my seat after booking a flight?

If you fail to pick a desired seat on the flight when the seat assignment appears at the time of online booking, then several other choices are offered by the airlines to choose seats after booking. Some of you might be wondering that How do you select a seat on a flight after booking by various ways, then you can learn the methods from below.

Steps to choose seats via Manage Travel:

  • First of all, go to the official website of the associated airline on a browser
  • Further navigate to the Manage Booking section from the website’s home page
  • Then you need to submit your booking reference code in the assigned field
  • After that, type the last name of primary passenger from the ticket on required space
  • Then press search button to access the list of your booked flights on the airline
  • Next you have to navigate towards an individual flight and view the seat assignment
  • Then you can choose a desired seat from the available options on that flight
  • At last, save your journey by paying the advanced seat selection fee applicable

Steps to choose seats during online check-in:

  • Go to the airlines website or launch the mobile app
  • Further navigate towards the online check-in tab from the home page of airline’s website
  • Then you have to enter your flight details such as booking code in the assigned section
  • After that, provide the last name of passenger and press the check-in button
  • Then, you can view the seat assignment and choose a desired seat on the flight
  • At last, check-in to your flight after selecting your desired seats on the flight

Your query about How do you select a seat on a flight after booking is answered appropriately by providing the details about the right procedure above. These are the options provided by the airlines to the passengers who are willing to choose a seat in advance rather than waiting for the random allocation. Apart from that, if you have any further flight reservations related query from an airline you can contact their customer service center for receiving immediate assistance from them. Airlines provide support to the customers through helpline number, live chat, or email service to the passengers who are looking for the help from them.


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