How does Frontier Airlines compared to Spirit?

Which one offers a better travel option- Frontier or Spirit?

Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines are both counted amongst one of the best budget airlines of all time. There is a high possibility that one might not experience differences in the in-flight services, but they provide their facilities in different destinations. Both of the airlines possess different loyalty programs and quote different airfare to book a ticket.

One thing to keep in mind while you search for the answer to how does Frontier airlines compared to Spirit, is Frontier flies to domestic destinations within the United States of America, whereas Spirit covers more international destinations.

Comparison between Frontier and Spirit Airlines- Frontier Airlines Vs Spirit Airlines

One can differentiate between these two popular airlines based on some practical aspects:

Flight Accessibility

If you wish to cover domestic destinations within the territory of the US, then consider booking your ticket with Frontier Airlines. But, choose Spirit Airlines to lead a comfortable journey to an international destination. Take a look at the given points to know which airline is the better option based on accessibility:

  1. Frontier serves about 140 destinations within North America, covering most parts of the USA, including Maine, California, Texas, Montana, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even some scenic locations in Canada.
  2. Spirit provides its services in about 70 or more destinations in and across the United States of America. 

Frequent Flyer Program 

To know which airline serves the best frequent flyer program to ease the travel experience take a look at the given points-

  1. You can achieve the Elite Status on Frontier if you fly 25 segments, and you can enjoy the several perks that come with the elite status. But the only drawback with Frontier is that you might have to travel often to earn frequent flyer points.
  2. With Spirit earning a frequent flyer program is not a big deal as travelers can redeem the rewards starting from just 2,500 points. 

Airline Credit Card 

  1. Frontier Airlines provides the World Mastercard with a sign-up bonus and can help you earn up to 60,000 bonus miles after you spend $500 on the ticket purchase on Frontier.
  2. Moreover, Spirit Airlines provides two airline credit cards to benefit its travelers- Travel Mastercard and Travel More Mastercard. If you spend at least $500 with Travel Mastercard on Spirit purchase, then you might be able to receive 5,000 bonus points. If you have the Travel More Mastercard, you do not have to pay an annual fee for the first year, followed by $79 for the next year.

In-Flight Services

  1. To know which airline, Frontier Airlines vs Spirit Airlines, provides better in-flight services, take a look at the further discussed points-
  2. With Frontier, you might have to pay extra fees if you wish to privilege from any additional comforts or upgrades. The airline does not necessarily provide any complimentary snacks or drinks, and some applicable charges can cost within $60 for a carry-on.
  3. Do not expect complimentary beverages or snacks on Spirit Airlines, but the airline allows you to purchase them while you are onboard. The seat assignment of Spirit is comparatively more comfortable and can accommodate more passengers in its flight.

Although getting an exact answer to how does Frontier compared to Spirit is nearly impossible as both the airlines provide inexplicable services. Also, the fare charges on both the airlines depend on the route you select and other factors. So, make a clear choice by considering the points mentioned above in mind and lead a happy journey!


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