How long can I Hold my Flight Reservation Without Paying?

How Long can I Hold my Flight Reservation?

It is a one of the most asked questions that how long can I hold my flight reservation without paying. Yes it certainly important to make sure about the duration. Everyone actually wants to know more about the same, so let us throw some light on the same.


Flight reservations is actually the situation when we just hold a seat and not really book a ticket. This process is highly recommended in Visa processing as it informs the concerned representatives about the candidate’s intended dates of travel.


Usually the flight should be ordered just one or two days before the visa interview or form submission date. This is so because it is quite understood that everyone of us wishes to complete the visa formalities as soon as possible. Ordering the flights or creating the reservations a day or two priorly gives you an opportunity might let you make it last longer, yet nobody should guarantee the same because cancellations or expirations are quite unpredictable.


As discussed above, it is one of the frequently asked questions that how long can I hold my flight reservation without paying. This varies from airlines to airlines. The airlines have all the authority to cancel any flight reservation at any time or without any prior notice. Sometimes they can hold the reservation for few hours and sometimes it might go up to few days or few weeks. Always keep in mind that there is no fixed date of cancellation of flight reservations and therefore no one should be providing or promising a fixed date for the same. Some instances are listed below

  • In Emirates, the reservations are completely free of cost  if you pay for your flight within seventy two hours of “Hold My Fare“ policy. If this duration extends, or you decide not to travel as per the reservations that you have made, or you decide not to ahead with your booking, there will be small fee applicable to you.
  • If you are having a booking through United Airlines, then you are free the fare lock facility that enables you to hold the same price of fare and dates of travel.
  • With Ryanair, you are allowed  reserve a flight just for twenty four hours only.
  • While doing the same with Lufthansa, you are free to reserve the flight upto forty eight hours.  

It is wished that all your doubts regarding how long can I hold my flight reservation without paying are cleared. If you are still facing some issue with the same, you are free to visit the official website of the airlines or you can expect a representative from customer service center to assist you with your questions of the concerned airlines that you are planning to fly with.


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