How much do Delta flight attendants make?

Delta Airlines is an elite airline that only offers the best to passengers. Travelers who board the airline knows the fact. Do you want to know how Delta airlines treat its flight Attendants? Undeniably, Delta has the highest paid Attendants in the world. If you want to know Delta flight attendant salary, here you will find out everything about their making money.

Delta Flight Attendants Earnings

This is not a hidden fact that Delta Flight Attendants is earning more than other equally great airlines in the United States. The income of the new Flight Attendants in Delta Air Lines is approximately $33,000. It can be up to $110,000 for experienced Flight Attendants. Their role becomes crucial as they gain experience and seniority, leading to increased service rates.

The following table displays the flight attendant pay schedule for Delta Airlines:


Hourly Rate (USD)

Year one 


After one years


After two years



After three  years


After four years


After five years


After six  years



After seven years 




After eight years


After nine  years


After ten years 


After Eleven years


After twelve years



How much is the Hourly Rate for Delta Flight Attendants?

The standard flight hour rate for Delta Flight Attendants is calculated by how many years they devoted as Flight Attendant with the airline. So, there is a minimum of 2 dollars per hour hike in their pay grade. Once a flight crew member reaches 12 years, the hourly rate is maxed out and afterward remains the same for every year.

Hourly rate is directly proportional to seniority. The initial hourly amount for DeltaFlight Attendants is $30 per hour in the starting years. After 6 years, they get an average of around $50 per hour. Moreover, you can expect $60 or $70 after 12 years. Another factor crucial in deciding the hourly rate is the length of time given by the Flight Attendant to the airline. Besides, depending on how many hours the Attendant spends in a particular month.

Flight Hours of Delta Air Lines

Delta flight Attendants are paid hourly based. And it is worth mentioning that their hours only count after the door closes till it opens. In other words, briefing, getting to the aircraft, safety checking, and flyers boarding the plane doesn’t include in their salary, and the labor goes unnoticed.

Flight Attendant total working hours

Delta Flight Attendant's working hours are somewhere between 75 hours to 100 hours per month. However, there is no hard and fast regulation, so they have the option to work more or less based on their preference. A new Flight Attendant may work 100 hours a month and earn more income, whereas some experienced Flight Attendants choose to work only as part-time. There is no fixed-hour working policy.

This is managed by an online interactive system that permits you to choose extra flights when requiring extra money and give away your flight to others. Hence they can manage their salary and working hours as per their own needs.

When do Flight Attendants get their salary?

The airline pays money every 2 weeks to Flight Attendants. To put it in other words, they get a salary for two weeks they operate flights.

Salary Breaking Down of Flight Attendant

The airline requirements differ for crew members compared to any other standard job. Commercial Airline Attendant income fluctuates every month because of how many hours they fly but also the locations they are flying, plus on-call available duties. Salary composition is:

  • Crew duty payment is the total hours flown in a month multiplied by the hourly flight pay. 
  • Layover payment, also known as Per Diem, is a tax-free allowance given to Flight Attendants at their outstation layover expenses. This doesn’t include expenditure at the base. 
  • Available/On-call payment
  • Special Roles such as pursers, language speakers, etc. 
  • Incentives

Cabin Crew Roster also decides the payment. A New Flight Attendant should be available for 9 days of flying, 6 on-call/available days, days off, and downtime outstation (layovers).

Is Flight Attendants' Salary deducted?

Usually, Medicare, social security, and other taxes are subtracted from the paycheck offered to the crew member. Noteworthy, different states in the United States charge different taxes. And other deductions that most staff prefers are 401k, medical, dental, and stock purchases.

Basic factors affect the salary

Here are the common factors that affect Delta flight attendant salary:

  • Seniority Of The Flight Attendant
  • Hours Worked
  • Per Diem 
  • Special Roles
  • Incentives
  • Available Days
  • Bonuses relating to their performance and profit sharing of the airline

There are benefits to Delta Air Lines's flight attendants, such as:

  • Travel discounts
  • Insurance and medical coverage like vision, medical and dental insurance. 
  • Retirement plans
  • Wellbeing programs
  • Numerous development opportunities
  • Employee stock purchase plan

Do you aspire to become A Flight Attendant At Delta Air Lines?

Interested candidates have to fulfill certain conditions:

  • Education
  • Appearance requirement
  • Capable of living and working in the United States
  • Background checks
  • Minimum Age
  • Fluency in the English Language

After meeting all the requirements, you can move ahead with the application process, which includes various stages like online application, video interview, talent assessment, live interview, and the face-to-face interview round, and has to beat the tremendous competition. Once you clear all the rounds, the conditional job offer (CJO) to join Delta, and wait a few weeks/ months to begin your initial Cabin Crew Training. The training is 8 weeks program; after passing, you will become a Flight Attendant. 


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