How much is it to cancel a flight with Spirit

What is the cost of cancelling a ticket with Spirit Airlines?

Have you already booked a reservation with Spirit Airlines and wish to cancel the same? Then, you can go through the quick details shared here to manage the reservations and plan out their future trips without any worry.

Cost of cancelling a Spirit Airlines booking

When the airline cancels the Spirit Airlines booking due to unavoidable reasons, the traveler gets compensation and a booking on the alternative flight. However, when the travelers voluntarily choose to cancel the booking, it might cost them a lot because of the high cancellation charges.

So, to help out those looking for details on How much is it to cancel a flight with Spirit, they can check out the details shared below and manage their bookings in time.

  • As per the cancellation guidelines, free cancellation service for the tickets cancelled within 60 days or more before the departure.
  • And for the tickets cancelled up to 1 hour before the departure need to pay a cancellation fee.

Besides, to help travelers get a clear idea, here are the cancellation charges as per the days from departure:

  • For cancellation made within 0-6 days of departure: $79
  • For cancellation made within 7-14 days of departure: $59
  • For cancellation made within 15-59 days of departure: $39

Thus, using the shared information, the traveler can get answers for their query on  How much is it to cancel a flight with Spirit. However, travelers who still have some doubts regarding the fee can contact customer service.

How can one reach out to Spirit Airlines for cancellation assistance?

The travelers who wish to seek cancellation-related assistance can reach out to the customer service by using the shared information and manage their trip accordingly.

1) Make a phone call

The traveler can dial the support number of the airline to seek assistance regarding the cancellation and gather details on cancellation fees.

2) Send a direct text

Besides, the traveler can send out a direct message to the airline to gather information on the cancellation and procedures.

3) Social media handles

Lastly, the traveler can send out queries by sending out a direct message on the social media pages and getting the issues resolved in time.

Thus, these are the few options of reaching out to Spirit Airlines to seek information regarding the cost of cancelling the booking.

What is the procedure to cancel a booking with Spirit Airlines?

Apart from the shared information, the traveler can promptly find out the cancellation fee on their bookings using the manage booking service.

  • To begin the cancellation process, visit the Spirit Airline website and click on Manage. 
  • Here, mention the reservation details along with the full name of the traveler.
  • And then, the traveler can search for the booking and opt to cancel the same. 
  • After the cancellation is confirmed, the traveler can get details regarding the cancellation fee.

With the shared information, travelers hopefully got answers to their query on How much is it to cancel a flight with Spirit. So, travelers planning to cancel their reservations anytime soon can plan their cancellation in time to avoid charges and process a quick refund. 


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