How to change seat of Japan Airlines?

Know about how to change seat of Japan Airlines

Japan airlines is the airline of Japan which is headquartered in Shinagawa, Tokyo and Japan. It operates its flights to 92 destinations in Europe, Oceania, the Americas and Asia across the world.

The booking process of Japan airlines include the details about the travel source and destination, number of passengers, travel date, type of class and passenger’s personal info. In order to proceed with Japan airlines seat change process, below listed steps should be followed:

  • If any changes are required in the ticket before booking it, no cancellation charges or any other charges are applicable on that.
  • If the passenger wants to make some changes in an already booked ticket, then changes are not allowed in that case. None of the entries can be changed on a booked ticket.
  • In order to make the changes, a passenger firstly needs to cancel the ticket and then rebook it with the same booking procedure. This is the process of How to change seat of Japan airlines.
  • During the cancellation of ticket, normal cancellation charges are applied excluding other taxes.
  • Once the cancellation is done, passenger can apply for the refund of amount.
  • If the ticket was purchased by paying cash, it will be refunded approximately within 2 weeks after the refund application.
  • And if, the ticket was purchased by credit card, refund will be processed differently for various cards depending on the acceptance of card, invoice closing of Credit Card Company, etc.

If still any issue needs to be resolved or some query is there regarding Japan airlines seat change, a passenger can contact customer support. In the customer service department, the executive will provide full assistance regarding any of the queries. The contact info is available on the official website of Japan airlines.

Quick guide for how to change seat of Japan airlines anytime

Booking process of Japan airlines is very much easy. You can book online at Japan airlines website. After booking some passengers need to change their seat which they can change online at Japan airlines website itself. Quick process of how to change seat of Japan airlines is described below:

Steps to Change Flight on Japan Airlines

  1. Open the official website of Japan airlines and log in your ID.
  2. Click on manage booking tab for domestic flights.
  3. A new page will be open, from there click on Change
  4. Now Cancel seat option given on the booking screen.
  5. Choose the new seat you want to proceed.
  6. Click on Confirm seat option on the screen.
  7. Your seat will be change according to availability.
  8. And your My Booking page will be refreshed.

There may certain condition a passenger needs to know to change the seat which is provided under:

  1. There will be no changes allowed in already booked ticket.
  2. For any change passenger have to cancel the existing ticket and then rebook again with the necessary changes they want.
  3. Charges for cancellation will be applied and refund after cancellation will be granted within 7 working days and 2 weeks for payment made my cash.
  4. No cancellation charges for changes before booking the ticket.

If still passengers have any problem or query then they can contact the Japan airlines regarding how to change seat of Japan airlines? Over call which is available at the official website of Japan airlines under Contact Us option. Or they can chat with the customer support team at the website where they get there solution quickly. Online chat option is also available at the Japan airlines website.

Customers can also send their query and feedback at mail address which is available at official website of Japan airlines. Japan airlines customer support team is 24 hours and 7 days a week available.

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