How do I Talk to a Live Agent at Cebu Pacific?

Cebu Pacific airline is a low-cost airline based out of the Philippines. Founded on 26 August 1988, the airline commenced operations on 8 March 1996 and, thus, is historically the oldest low carrier airline operating from Asia. As of date, the airline services various domestic and international destinations. The main hubs for the airline are the cities of Cebu and Manila, with a focus on six cities, i.e., Cagayan de Oro, Clark, Davao, Kalibo, Iloilo, and Zamboanga.

The airline has become the largest airline in the Philippines based on the passenger count that has flown on domestic and international routes with the airline. Thus, the airline maintains an extensive network of Cebu Pacific customer service to help its growing number of consumers. With recent expansions in its air fleet, the airline is definitely on the way to growing further, and one can read the key details of the airline and its customer service below.

What is the Address of the Cebu Pacific Customer care head office?

The head office of the Cebu Pacific airline is also based in the Philippines, just like the airline. The exact Address for the said department is Cebu Pacific Building, Domestic Airport Road, Pasay City 1301 Philippines.

Methods to reach Cebu Pacific Customer Service

Cebu Pacific makes it really easy for their customers to connect to the airline due to the multiple channels of customer support service the airline offers. These options range from reaching out to a live Cebu agent through a phone call to even messaging the airline about the required assistance.

Contact Cebu Call Centers using Hotline:

To speak with live person of Cebu Pacific, you can simply dial reservation hotline number +61-2-9119-2956.After dial the number you will connected with agent. Due to large volume of calls you have to wait for sometime so wait for your turn or you can choose callback service.You can also talk at +6 328 702 0888(For Philippines ) or visit Cebu ticket offices!. From other countries you can simply find it Hotlines here by visiting

These customer service lines remains open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.After dial the number you can talk with live person and discuss them about your booking, manage, baggage or other queries.

Contact Cebu Pacific via Official:

  1. The official Cebu Pacific website hosts all the contact details of the website, and one can get to them by first visiting the airline's homepage.
  2. Next, look for the "Talk to Us" option at the bottom of this page and select it to get to the new webpage that holds the Cebu Pacific contact details.
  3. On the new webpage that's also called the Cebu Pacific support page, get towards the lower half to find a "Call Center Hotlines" drop-down menu and click to expand it.
  4. A comprehensive list of Cebu Pacific hotlines will open up. Select the appropriate number according to the query's nature and the customer's current location, and then dial the number to reach a live Cebu agent.

Cebu Hotline for Different Countries:


Hotline: +61-2-9119-2956
Hours: 7am-10pm (PH local time), daily


Hotline: +81-3-4578-1447
Hours: 8am-6pm (JP local time), daily

Hong Kong

Hotline: +852-397-33800
Hours: 7am-10pm (PH local time), daily


Hours:  8am-6pm (CN local time), daily (for China only)


Hours:7am-10pm (PH local time), daily

South Korea

Hours: 8am-6pm (KR Local Time), Monday - Friday



Contact Cebu Pacific via live chat:

The Cebu Pacific live chat is a recent addition to the customer care services of the airline. This platform is useful for those who prefer to have a steady text chat session with support representatives instead of conversing on the phone. One can get a chat session started by getting on the Cebu pacific support page mentioned earlier. The page displays the chat option right at the beginning by offering the services of Chatbot Charlie. One can click on it, and the chatbot would greet them first, and if desired, then one can ask to be connected to a live chat agent.

Contact Cebu Pacific via social media:

  1. The airline is on various social media platforms, namely Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, and the links to these portals are at the bottom of the Cebu Pacific homepage.
  2. One can directly message or share a post that mentions the Cebu Pacific airline portal on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  3. The YouTube channel of Cebu Pacific has various video guides for the regular queries and issues passengers face, as well as a lucid explanation of the rules and guidelines to be followed. This channel also serves as a news and recent updates source too.
  4. The airline usually replies to queries over social media in a short time, and a reply is almost certainly too. One should resort to asking simple, crisp queries on these platforms.

Contact Cebu Pacific via Feedback form:

Cebu Pacific has a simple method of providing assistance in which one can fill out a feedback form describing one's experience or if any help is needed. The form can be drawn up by clicking on "Send us a message" on the Cebu Pacific help page. One can then fill in the details and submit the form.

Why should I call a Cebu live person?

Though each way of getting to Cebu Pacific has its own advantages, getting to a Cebu live person can be extremely helpful in many cases. Conversing with a human agent is indispensable if one's concern is complex and needs a high degree of attention and empathy. Consequently, one should always look to use the Cebu Pacific hotline and call the live voice agents, or if that's tough, then use the live chat service since the live agents also attend it. The live agents will strive to provide the best, workable resolutions to any issue presented before them.

How Cebu Pacific Live Person help to book a Cebu Pacific flight?

  1. One can book a flight with Cebu Pacific by getting on their official website or calling the Cebu reservations department.
  2. The Cebu Pacific homepage has a "Book" panel, in which one can fill the multiple parameters while looking for a flight and search for a suitable flight reservation.
  3. One can then add the passenger details and confirm the flight booking through the website itself.
  4. Alternatively, one can call Cebu Pacific customer care and ask for a reservations agent to help book a flight.

How Cebu Pacific Live Person help to change flight details for a Cebu Reservation?

Changing flight details can have several connotations, including adding service to the ticket, editing the passenger's name, changing the flight itself, and rebooking a new one. All of this can be managed easily through the "Manage" menu at the top of the airline's homepage and click on "Manage Booking" among the options. The page that would open will ask for the flight's reservation number and the passenger's last name as on the ticket. One can search their booked flight through this way and wait for the flight itinerary to open up. Once the option opens, a generous number of utilities and menus will open up too.

  1. One can look to select a preferred seat after opening the seat map and paying the charges.
  2. Others can use the "Change" menu to change the flight and rebook a new one.
  3. The add-on services of extra baggage, priority boarding, etc., can also be purchased and added to the reservation from this tab. 


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