How to put American Airlines Flights on hold?

What are the process to put American Airlines Flights on hold

American Airlines is one of the top airlines and safest airlines to travel to.The service of American Airlines is up to the mark and provides an excellent service to the passengers. The customer service team is always there to sort out their passenger's issues up to the passenger's satisfaction level. In this topic, we are going to cover how to put American airlines flights on hold. The steps are listed below:

Learn Can you hold flights on American Airlines?

Steps to put American Airlines flights on hold:

  • If the passenger booked his/her flight ticket seven days or more before the departure then they can put the flight on hold for 24 hrs or more for free.
  • Open the Review and pay page and choose your flight and click on the hold option.
  • Then after that choose an extended hold option.
  • Then, proceed with the payment charges of the flight which will also include the hold reservations charges which are non-refundable. 
  • In case if you don’t make the payment within 24hrs then the reservations will automatically be cancelled. 
  • The extended hold option is only available for selected places.
  • The reservations that the passengers have put on hold can’t be changed until the passengers have purchased the reservations. 
  • Check your mail for the confirmation of the flight ticket and hold a reservation.

The above-mentioned steps are going to help with how to put American airlines flights on hold. In case the passengers try to book a flight for the second time for the same destination after putting on hold the flight ticket then their hold reservations will automatically be cancelled.

Extended Hold Policy for American Airlines

  • On passengers can search the extended hold option.
  • The extended hold policy is only available for
  1. American Eagle® services operated by Envoy Air Inc
  2. SkyWest Airlines, Inc
  3. Republic Airline Inc etc
  • Extended hold option is only availbale for specific route.
  • This option is only available in the same itinerary/reservation.
  • Fees are counted on basis of the entire origin and destination.
  • Extended hold fees are processed immediately.
  • Give attention fees are non-refundable.
  • The extended hold option is not applicable for a
  1. Award bookings
  2. AirPass itineraries.

For more about how to put American Airlines Flights on hold or extended policy search here-

American airlines are retrained in offering facilities and that is why it is regarded as one of the most sought-after options among passengers from across the globe.

In case you are met with certain complications while performing the hold of your flight as far as American Airlines are concerned, then there are certain things that one could resort to. The first thing that comes to mind is calling the customer care representatives at American Airlines. The experts at the customer care team are available round the clock to provide assistance and help to those in need. All you need to do is call on the helpline number available on the official webpage. A live person will connect with you and you could then discuss all your queries, problems and complications with the customer care live person.

I hope going through this paper has surely answered how to put American airlines flights on hold. For more details regarding the policies and the hold duration, the passengers are advised to visit the official website of American Airlines.

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