How do I send Text to United Airlines?

Messaging on united airlines:

United provides a text message service for receiving flight information on your mobile device. For more information, including possible fees related to text messaging, review the text messaging terms and conditions listed below. In some countries, text messaging is not available.

Terms and conditions for text messaging on United Airline


The user understands that text messages are distributed by mobile network providers and that United has no control over some aspects of message delivery. The user acknowledges that the text message may or may not be delivered properly depending on the recipient’s mobile carrier service. Wireless carriers are not responsible for messages that are delivered late or not at all.

United makes no claims or guarantees about this service's availability or performance, including any liability for transmission delays or message failures.

Troubleshooting text messages

If you aren't receiving texts from United, make sure your phone's text messaging isn't turned off. You can also get help from your local United reservations office.

Customers from the United States and Canada only can send text to United airline Agent. If they aren't receiving text messages from the United then text "HELP" to 26266 or call United airlines phone number 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) for additional information.


For texting, United does not charge a fee. they do not charge for this service but they are not liable for any charges a person's service provider may impose as a result of our providing it. Because ordinary messaging and data rates may apply, it is the user's obligation to check with their carrier. United is not liable for any charges incurred as a result of joining up for this text messaging service. Any text message charges you incur will be added to your monthly mobile phone bill or for how do I send text to United Airlines people can also get in touch with United airlines customer care department.

Notification service for flight status.

Every time you travel with United, their flight status notification service will give you flight updates and reminders. You will receive operational notifications as well as check-in reminders for your next trip. In some countries, text messaging is not available. Standard messaging and data fees may apply.

Provide your cell phone number at booking or check-in with United, or go to the Phone Settings area of your profile at to opt into United's flight status notification text message. Choose View all beneath your primary phone number, then Edit for the mobile device you want to receive SMS on. Check the option for text messaging and save your changes. You must select "Make this my flight notification phone number" from the drop-down menu. You will receive a confirmation email.

Opt-out: You can opt-out by sending a text message to "STOP" or calling your local reservations office.

Customers from the United States and Canada only: You can also SMS the word "STOP" to the number 26266 from your phone.

Help: how do I send text to United Airlines?  From your mobile device, reply "HELP" or call your local reservations office for more information or visit


Frequently Asked Questions About How do I send Text to United Airlines?

United Airlines does not offer free texting services to its passengers on its flights. However, one can purchase the inflight Wi-Fi package, and use the internet based texting app to send and receive messages through their mobile devices.  

In the event, if you are a frequent flyer on United Airlines, then you can also use your earned points on the airline to purchase the inflight services including the Wi-Fi services.

Furthermore, if you wish to know about the inflight texting services on United Airlines or how to text on United Airlines or subscription cost, then kindly reach out to the United customer services. They will surely assist you with the best info and ensure amazing travel plans on the airline. Also, this recommended to contact the experts through United Airlines phone number to get real-time assistance from them.

If you have been wondering how do i text on United Airlines, then you can purchase the inflight Wi-Fi subscription starting from $49 monthly or $539 annually. However, the subscription may vary depending upon the United Airlines flights.  Besides, you can also use the United’s inflight texting application to send or receive messages while sitting inside your flight.

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