How to upgrade your Delta Flight

Find out the ways how to upgrade with Delta flights?

Delta airline is one of the best airlines; it offers the best services to its travelers. To provide its customer best and comfortable journey, the airline has introduced the flight upgrade service. As per Delta Airlines upgrade policy, the passenger can now benefit from premium services by paying some extra amount or by using their earned miles.

Delta Airlines has made a separate provision depending on whether you are a frequent flyer member, regular traveler, or having elite status. So we will give you detailed information here; it will help you upgrade your Delta flight whenever you want to quickly. Now, if you have a query on how to upgrade your Delta flight? Read the information below till the end.

If you plan to travel via Delta Airlines, you can upgrade your booking using the information below. Some time the upgrades are automated; you can all the Delta support team to check if there is an upgrade available or not.

Delta Airlines Upgrades for regular and non-elite sky miles members

If you are not a frequent flyer, you have a limited upgrade, mainly when traveling for an international flight. You can still upgrade your economy class to first class without paying the total price. If you don't have an elite status for sky miles members, you can purchase an upgrade on an international flight.

How to upgrade to Delta Airlines first-class online 

The best way to upgrade the Delta booking to first-class is to upgrade during booking or by visiting the Manage booking service section on the homepage. You can choose any specific option and confirm its upgrade on an international flight as per your interest.

You can also purchase a standby same-day upgrade to upgrade your flight to first class by paying some extra amount. However, the upgrades are available for specific routes only. If you are eligible for an international flight, you will have to pay an amount varying as per distance to be covered.

Delta Airlines Upgrades for Sky Miles and Medallion

If you have sky miles, you can use it to upgrade your reservation. As per the current updates, you can use your sky miles to upgrade an international flight if you have an international flight, but you can use it for medallion upgrades.

For medallion upgrades on international flight

How to upgrade your Delta flight? If you have Delta mileage upgrade awards, you can upgrade Delta flights to first class. Contact the airline within 24 hours before departure to upgrade your flight.

For international flights, the fare classes’ eligible for medallion upgrade is Y, B, and M.

Delta Airlines Complimentary upgrades for medallion members

If you are a medallion member, you can enjoy unlimited complimentary upgrades. To claim the upgrade, you must link your sky miles account number during the booking. The upgrades will be offered depending on the fare class, seat availability, and travel date depending on the elite status.

Delta Airlines Complimentary upgrades along with upgrades for the medallion

If you are a medallion member, you might be offered complimentary upgrades to the comfort seating available for all the cabin aircraft operated by Delta. You can access these upgrades as per your medallion member status.

For the Silver member: 24 hours before flight departure

For Gold member: 72 hours before flight departure

For the Platinum member: During the time of booking

For Diamond members: During the time of booking

When having upgrade certificates and global upgrades

If you are diamond and platinum medallion members, you can use your annual upgrade certificated to upgrade your flight. For diamond members, they are being offered four global upgrades. They can use it to upgrade your reservation to first class.

How to upgrade your Delta flight? So using the above information, you can upgrade your reservations anytime. Apart from this, you can also connect with the Delta flight customer representative to ask regarding any upgrade. The customer representative will ask for some information and assist you with the upgrades. To connect with the Delta support team, you can use the phone numbers available on the contact us page of Delta Airlines. You can also call the helpline number available online to understand how to upgrade the Delta international flights.


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