How would I change my name on a United Airlines Flight?

United Airlines allows minor changes or corrections, provided that you qualify the name change policy of the Airline. A traveler should guarantee that the name matches the government-provided Id or the visa.

You can process the change name on united Airline's formalities all alone by visiting the Airline's official website. Then go to the Manage my booking Option. Here click on setting and change first and last name easily.

Also, if you want additional information about the current name change policy and the procedure at United, continue perusing! But before knowing the process of changing the name, we should see the term and conditions of the Airline so that it will make the process easy.

The Name Change Terms and Conditions at United Airlines

You can't change the entire name and distribute the pass to another explorer. Notwithstanding, you can address the incorrectly spelled letters provided that you keep the accompanying standards:

  1. You can correct the name provided that United works for the flight.
  2. If you purchase the ticket using code-share, you could correct the name just for the United Airlines section of the excursion.
  3. Additionally, United Airlines permits you to reissue your ticket after making the necessary name change. 
  4. If you make any additional name change in your current United Airlines, you want to pay some change charge and the fare change, if any.
  5. According to the United Airlines name change policy, you can't change the flight date, time, or passage classes.
  6. When you mention a name change on United Airlines, you don't get to change the orientation and the traveler's date of birth.
  7. A minor change in the date of birth is conceded to explorers just when they committed a certified error during flight booking.
  8. You can make the changes per reservation. If you need any change, you need to pay the significant charges.

Name Change Fee on United Airlines

To request the United Airlines ticket within 24 hours of purchase, an expense of 75 USD would be imposed. The reservation would be rebooked in the current or lower class of fares accessible alongside the charge distinction if any.

Past 24 hours, travelers are permitted to request a United Airlines name change as long as 2 hours proceeding the planned flight for a charge of 200 USD per traveler every way alongside the material fares contrast, if any. Now we know the fee and the policy of the united Airlines name change, let's check out the details of how to change name on united Airline. For that you need to follow the points mentioned underneath:

 Steps for how to change the name on a United airline ticket

  1. If you change the name of the travelers, you can go to the United Airlines official site and afterward tap on the managed segment of the Airline. 
  2. Now, search for the flight change under the manage booking choice and enter your booking number and the traveler's name.
  3. Whenever you are finished, go to the booking details and tap on the change to make the change in the name.
  4. Follow the web-based directions to address the reservation spelling, and save the booking changes once finished.
  5. You can also approach the toll-free number of the Airline and afterward request the change the name, and when done, the progressions will be refreshed. Again, you could visit the ticket community for the equivalent if conceivable.
  6. Also, with the assistance of the accompanying advances, one can undoubtedly change the traveler's name.

Also, with the help of the accompanying advances, one can undoubtedly change name on united Airline. Furthermore, if it's a same-day change, you could need to pay for United Airlines' same-day flight change expense. 

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