Is Air Canada a good Airline to fly?

While making the travel plan with Air Canada, if you have any doubts, such as whether it is a good airline or not, then worry not because here, you can get the available details through that you can verify that it's good or not. But according to the ratings and facilities, this airline can be considered one of the good airlines. Otherwise, you can develop your own opinion by carrying on reading below:-

Why Air Canada Best Option

There are some of the reasons which make Air Canada differ from other airline such as:

1- Skytrax rating

2- Inflight services 

3- Preferable seats 

4- Special Assistance 

5- Excellent Fare options

6- Elite Member

Skytrax rating 

While Skytrax is the inflight service that reviews and ratings according to the airline's onboard product, quality, and staff services, Air Canada has received a four-star rating that might be considered good among the airline, moreover, the rating also involves the ground staff and cabin staff.

Inflight services 

When booking with the airline, you can benefit from inflight entertainment like watching movies such as Bollywood to Hollywood series or playing games online. Other conveniences that you can get are in-flight power and tracking the airline's flight path. Apart from this, you can also use wifi in the sky and get in touch with your family and friends, but these facilities are available on selected flights. 

Preferable seats 

If you carry an Air Canada ticket, you get to choose from the various seat options, and the cost for the seat selection is also lenient. The seats are more comfortable with the extra space. And if you have a comfortable fare, you can choose preferred seats without an additional fee. Moreover, if you change seats to the higher class, you can also switch.

Special Assistance 

On  Air Canada, you can also submit a special request. And the request you can ask if you need anything if you are traveling with children or you the children traveling alone, you need the wheelchair at the airport or anything while traveling with pets. Furthermore, if you need any special type of meal because of allergies or dietary plans, you can also customize it according to you. Apart from this, you can also ask for a bereavement fare if you have to travel at the last moment.

Fare options

While making a booking, you get the various modes through which you can make the payment. If you have any gift card, conversion card, or voucher, you can conduct a booking without paying any additional fee. Otherwise, you can use any payment option and complete the payment through banks.

Elite Member 

You can also become an elite airline member, and after that, you can get various benefits. You can use the airport lounge facility, make changes in your flight without paying a change fee, or select preferred seats for free. The member also gets points every time they travel, equivalent to the seat cost. Then, by using that, you get to purchase a ticket.

Thus, this might be sufficient evidence for supporting the query; likewise, Is Air Canada a good airline? Still, if you get any sort of doubt or questions regarding these facilities, get hold of airline customer service and have answers.


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