Is Ethiopian Airlines Still Flying?

Get a Fair Description About Is Ethiopian Airlines Still Flying?

Exactly one year back same time, almost every airline had stopped its flights because of the Covid pandemic. However, after a total lockdown of few months, few airlines resumed half of the operations to selected destinations and Ethiopian Airlines is one of them. A lot of airlines had revised their flight reservation policies and because of this many people had to cancel their flight reservations.

Is Ethiopian Airlines Continuing Its Flight Operations?

Since many airlines had stopped their flight operations hence a lot of people got bewildered regarding their bookings. However, the passengers who were supposed to travel by this airline are now having confusion regarding is Ethiopian airlines flying. And this is to inform the people that yes, Ethiopian Airlines continues to operate its flight following all the guidelines of the Corona pandemic.

Is It Safe to Travel by Ethiopian Airlines?

It’s pretty much evident that even after a year since the first wave of Covid came into the picture, cases continue to increase. And for those people who have to catch flight between this pandemic are scared about their well-being.

But for the passengers who are still doubtful about the fact that is Ethiopian Airlines still flying should know that Ethiopian Airlines is taking every step possible to provide a safe travel experience. The airline is taking every step possible to ensure safety and social distancing on the airports plus the flight cabins hence you can travel anytime.

The airline ensures the safety of both passengers and the employees of the airline by keeping a check on sanitation, traveling updates, and being in touch with the passengers to inform them about any change in the flights of Ethiopian Airlines.

Updated Travel Policies of the Ethiopian Airlines:

For all types of queries in the context of is Ethiopian Airlines flying now, the airline has issued a few policies to make the picture clear for all the passengers. For a better understanding, you can check the following tips.

  1. If you have made reservations between the date of March 2020 and April 2021 are now capable of making one-way changes free of cost.
  2. You can also make unlimited flight changes in case this flight has still not started operations by Ethiopian Airlines. In case the services have already started then you can make changes only once.
  3. If your bookings were canceled then you can re-use the flight ticket to travel on any other flight whose validity is up to 31 December.  Most importantly, you don’t have to inform the airline regarding the reservations and can re-book on the same ticket till 31 December 2021 and fly freely.

Terms and Conditions on Traveling via Ethiopian Airlines:

  1. If you change the reservations and there is any difference in the main flight fare or the taxes incurred, you have to pay with immediate effect, or else people will not be allowed to travel.
  2. The cost will also be applied to the baggage, reserved seats and the business class upgrade on the flights.
  3. If you want to re-assign the reserved seat but there are no similar seats left then the money will be refunded in form of a travel voucher.

And hence this is how you can travel via Ethiopian Airlines. In case of any doubt, contact the customer representative executive team of the airline and they will guide you with the solution.

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