Is it better to change or cancel a Southwest flight?

Southwest Airlines: Which is Better Cancel or Change

Southwest Airlines is the largest low-budget carrier considered worldwide. The airline provides special offers and discounts for its travellers to have comfortable and affordable flights. The most thoughtful thing about Southwest Airlines is its flexible booking management options. A passenger is allowed to change or update their Southwest flight booking anytime they want. 

So, if you are in the dilemma of cancelling or changing a flight, keep reading here. 

Things to consider before change your booked flight

Once you have booked your flight with Southwest, get the assurance of flexible booking and management options. If there are some changes in your planned itinerary and need assistance with is it better to change or cancel a Southwest flight, then read the given points carefully:

Southwest does not apply any charges on your booked flights.

  1. But, sometimes you might need to pay some difference for your new flight, if applicable. 
  2. If the new flight costs less than the previous one, you will get a refund in the original payment form.
  3. Or, you can use the rest amount in your future travel expenses with Southwest Airlines.
  4. With Southwest Airlines, you are eligible to change your flight as many times as you want but by abiding by the set protocols of the airline.
  5. If you have booked with a non-refundable fare, Southwest Airlines will provide you with Travel Funds.
  6. An essential thing to understand is the rescheduling or cancellations of any Southwest flight depending on the traveller’s itinerary.

So, stop thinking is it better to change or cancel a Southwest flight and quickly reschedule your booked flight to embark on your preferred journey. 

Things to consider before cancelling your booked flight

If there is no scope of change with your itinerary, then these are the points to consider before you withdraw your flight:

  1. Several airlines charge a significant amount if you are cancelling your flight with them, but with Southwest Airlines, it is not the case.
  2. Southwest keeps in mind the comfort and needs of its travellers. That is why Southwest charges any fee if you are cancelling your flight with them.
  3. If you are cancelling your flight with Southwest, keep in mind that not all tickets are refundable.
  4. If you have booked with a Business Select or Anytime Fares, you can request a refund.
  5. The cancellation policy of Southwest is very best, which makes it stand out from the other airlines; the cancellation of your flight depends solely upon the type of your ticket.
  6. Southwest allows you to cancel your flight 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.
  7. No refund is applicable if you did not cancel your flight and are a no show at the airport before the scheduled departure.

For travellers dealing with this question of is it better to change or cancel a Southwest flight, Southwest provides flexible cancellation and change options. Do not worry if your travel plans have changed because Southwest Airlines has got your back!




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